Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy New Year of the Dog!

Just a quick post to get the pic up and to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year of the Dog!

Here is the pic I promised I would post of the postcards I made for the swap My Little Mochi hosted. There are some great creations out there and I hope mine was up to scratch, heh heh pun intended folks!

I'm a touch busy at the moment with work unfortunately otherwise this would be one of my usual sagas. The wedding invitations are still being delayed, very annoying considering I wanted to get them out last Friday!!!
Oh well hopefully they will get out there in the next couple of days...
Till next time.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Better get this off too before I leave for a weekend in Lithgow, watching boys ride bikes in mud and over think I could be working on wedding related things.


Hope all you Aussies have a great Australia day and relax, do Aussie things, wear your thongs and have a few cold ones at a BBQ or the beach, if the weather holds up in Sydney! It was raining last time I was outside.

Take it easy the rest of you and have a cold one for us, or a hot cuppa chocolate laced with some Frangelico or liquor of some desciption.


Guess what I can do...

I can post pictures!

Here is the pinata I made for D's birthday last year, I know it is a bit late and you probably want to see something current but I'm a touch busy for any of that at the moment so please bear with me and check this out...

It's a fish in case anyone was wondering. D is a very, very keen fisherman, so I thought it was appropriate. I even managed to make some boggly eyes out of an old Christmas decoration.
You can see them better in this next photo...

So do you like the kissy lips? That was purely a me moment. Very tongue in cheek. There is a tv presenter over here called Rex Hunt who hosts a fishing programme and before he throws his fish back in the water he gives it a wee kiss on the lips. Hmmm not sure if I would like to do that, they might bite!

Well the postcards are in the mail so hopefully they should be winging their way over the oceans to their recipients. I'm crossing my fingers that they get there in a reasonable time.

I must also take the time to thank Tania from Tania and Myra from My little Mochi for all their help in sorting out the mystery of making the button appear in side bars and blogs. Thank you very much ladies. I'm really quite pleased that I'm learning all this technical stuff about web pages and the like. Not everything mind you since I'm using prepared templates but it all helps doesn't it? I'm even more pleased that everyone is so obliging and helpful. What a relief!!

Anyway must get back to work...

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I did it!!

Check this out...

I did it! now all I have to do is add it to my side bar and I'll be happy!

Progress on the PC swap today. The photo shoot I had with Milo yesterday was a success. I chose an image that I thought was a bit artsy. I do hope you like it. Please if you get one of my postcards let me know what you think. I will really appreciate it. For those of you who don't get one I'll post it next week, now that I know how to get pics in here!!

Anyway I unlocked the door to my darkroom today, the first time in oh around nine months to a year! Yes procrastinating again I'm afraid. I haven't done any printing for a while and this was the perfect opportunity to get back into my darkroom.
I cleared out the cobwebs and about a dozen daddy-long-legs. I removed the creeping weed that had inifiltrated the minute cracks around the door, slowly making its way to my precious enlarger. Dusted down the benches and then I set everything up. I was really pleased to find that everything was dry and all my gear was in good working order sans cobwebs. Even the paper wasn't heat affected, whew I don't think I would have liked to replace all of that!
I did the proof sheet, test strips, test print and then started the production line. I've never printed in this way before, multiples of the same image. I usually just do the one or two good final prints of the image I want and then forget about it.
To say the least I'm pretty pleased with how it has turned out. I'm sorry I wasn't more creative with my postcard, I know that some of you wonderful bloggers are out there quilting, collaging and the like, but for me this was the perfect first swap, simple and achievable.

My darling D made the darkroom for me about two years ago and it hasn't had a great deal of use since. I think I just wasn't all that inspired. I think he was pretty stunned to hear that I'd been in there printing away. Perhaps even excited. When we met I was very much into bw photography and had my own darkroom set up in the basement of this wonderful wee terraced house. It had this fantastic sandstone foundations that were like rooms beneath the main house. A bit like silence of the lambs which would freak me out if I thought about it so I tried not to. It was also the perfect size for me as I'm fairly short, the ceiling was just above my head, kind of like the old English pubs where you have to duck if you are over 5ft tall. I always had great fun going to them with tall friends. Anyway when we moved I missed having my own darkroom to play in so D converted a back shed that we had there and I was over the moon in love with him, again. He can be just wonderful when he wants to be. He even installed an extractor fan and his dad set up the light so that there was the main switch to turn on the white light and the secondary switch to flick between red and white light. Very fancy!! The only thing I need in there is plumbing but for now I am content. I've had to work in worse conditions!

So mission accomplished, I just have to put in the post tomorrow and all done, for once I made it before the deadline!

Hope you're all crafting along nicely!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Work it baby!

Milo was working it for the camera today.

It was all in the name of the New Years Postcard swap that I'm contributing to. Very exciting you know. I've never done one of these before.
I found myself talking to Milo like he was a human subject, "look at me, beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous!" If anyone had seen me doing this they would have thought that I'm nuts. Who takes a dog for a walk with a camera, taking pics as they walk down the street? The photos will be interesting to say the least. I think Milo was mildly relieved when we finished, I have a feeling that he is camera shy. A bit like D's daughter.
Thankfully I was pretty much alone with him, we went to the dog park and hung out for a while until I used the film up. D is not going to be impressed. He tends to get a bit crazy about me "wasting" film. Not to mention that I have around 15 to process, some from around three years ago! I know, really bad example of procrastinating. I'm hoping that they will still be ok.
One of the films I processed along with the dog shoot was from May last year. I love that. All those images that you forget about and then rediscover. The trouble is that I never really forget what I take a photo of. I just wonder where it got to. I guess most of them are still to be processed!
There is one example though which is really embarassing and disappointing. I was visiting my G'ma for Christmas with dad and I decided to do a wee shoot with them much to G'ma's reluctance. She softened up a bit once we got into it. Anyway I was on the last roll and the pics were going great. All nicely composed and light just right etc etc. I took some fantastic group shots of us and just of dad and G'ma. Then the next day I went to finish the roll and it kept taking more photos. Shoot! the film hadn't wound on properly and all those pics were never to be seen, ever. I did manage to get a wonderful pic of G'ma and her dog, Spice, which is my favourite memory of that day. All the other pics that didn't make it are still in my minds eye but never to be seen. A real shame and a great reason to go digital, but not yet.

Sorry folks I'm very much a tradional photographer, no digital gizmos for me. The only thing the camera needs a battery for is the light meter. I'll scan some pics when they are printed. Promises, promises, I hear you all say. Well I do mean to do these things that I say I'm going to do. Just sometimes I get so darned busy all at once.

Better dash!

Friday, January 20, 2006

blog guilt

I find it interesting the guilt that I feel for not blogging everday. I wonder why this is? Does anyone else experience this?

Anyway progress report, invitations are in the process of being printed!

I was originally going to make the invitations myself but I was struggling with the wording and layout, couldn't get the right font and all things wedding invitation. So I decided that since I didn't have a whole lot of time left I would leave it up to the professionals, or at least get their advice. What a great decision!
They should hopefully be ready to send out next week. I can't believe how long I took to come up with the final choice in papers and design. Thankfully I was in a very helpful store, if there is anyone in Sydney on the North Shore who is also searching for invitation ideas then I would suggest the Paperartzi store in Turramurra.
The whole process was quite overwhelming. At several points I thought my brain was going to burst with all the decisions to make and also trying to visualise how the papers would look together and if they should have that trim or ribbon or not and what size and shape they should be...boy oh boy. I think I should have taken a wee course in paper craft before all this happened. I fell in love with one particular example and wished that I was having a spring wedding. It was that pretty and just perfectly designed.

I was really hoping to avoid all the dramas of family politics when organising the wedding guest list by keeping it small. Then D decided that he wanted to invite lots of people as we only had around 50 definite invitees. I want to keep it small as I only have a small family, Mum & Dad and Brother. That's it. I might be lucky to get my Aunt & Uncle to come over but think they won't be able to afford the flights and accomodation. So small was good for me as it meant that MD&B wouldn't feel too overwhelmed by all of D's family & relitives, believe me there are a lot of them!
So after a few months of mulling D decided that since the boat can take 70 guests we'll have 70. That means all his parents brothers and sisters and cousins from one of them on each side are being invited. It turns out that D's Dads brothers wife is a bit of trouble when it comes to things like this and D's parents think that if we invite the brother and wife she will in turn not be happy that her kids haven't been invited as she will see that there are two families with their adult kids there. Apparently she won't get that it is only one from each side that has their kids invited, the ones who D grew up with and we still hang out with.
We don't even see these troublesome people unless it is a family function like a wedding or similar so I am really thinking about not inviting them at all. I would rather avoid any trouble like that on the day and I don't think that D's parents should have to put up with it either. Please if anyone is reading this let me know what you think.
I just don't want to offend D's dad as it is his brother who isn't being invited. Perhaps I should also make the decision to not invite all of D's mum's b&s's There are a couple that I don't see ever unless a family function or similar. Oh the dilemma's.

thanks for listening.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Ooooh I'm soo excited, I'm participating in my first swap!

I'm also getting over my wee slump I've been experiencing since my birthday celebrations ceased. Just a natural thing I'm sure but very perterbing when I have to keep myself on track.
I've managed to plan out when things should be done and missed quite a few of my deadlines but this isn't major. I've managed to sort out the guest list for the wedding with D, a big relief! We've managed to keep it below 70 so we will all be comfortable on the boat. I'm sure not all that we invite will come so hopefully it will be around 60-65 guests. I might be surprised though!

I have my Bridesmaid (BM) working on the shower and another friend working on the Hens night. The dates are set for both and I just have to sort out the invitations and mail them by the end of next week. Along with the Postcard swap cards...yep my plate is getting a bit full but hopefully I will be able to cope. Still yet to put scissors to fabric and cut the flower girl dresses but I still have another week before I panic on that one. Can anyone see a pattern of procrastination happening??


Work is busier and it looks like I'll be staying back a bit more tonight with the usual markup dilemmas. I might squeeze in another post if it is dragging out more.

Anyway until then I'm going to leave it at this.


Monday, January 16, 2006

Girl at work

Yep that's me, working for once.

The party is truly over, I've been busy this night and for the past six weeks it's been dead quiet. I forgot to mention how hard I kicked myself for forgetting to take my camera with me when I tried on my wedding dress last Friday. So you will all be in the dark for a while longer. Do you think they would mind if I requested another try on just so I can take a pic? I might ask in another week or so...

Anyway while I have a mo' I'll let you know what else I'm cooking up.

D's godson will be turning 4 in the next 7 weeks so I put my hand up eagerly to make a pinata for him. Asking what his favourite thing was at this moment, always subject to change at whim of course, it turns out he's into helicopters. This was revealed when he was disappointed that Santa had brought him a fire engine instead of a helicopter like he'd asked, much to everyone's surprise!
I've been making pinatas for the kids for a couple of years now and they really are pretty cool if you ask me. The first one I ever made was a dragon for D's wee girls' sixth birthday. I was relieved that I still had that creative bug in me and also really happy that I stretched that creative muscle in a big way. Working in 3D is a fun challenge. I think the helicopter will be fairly straightforward as I worked it out on the spot when they told me. A relief that it isn't another horse, I'll post pics soon ok! As soon as I figure out how to do it...

Another item on the soon to be done list is a set of aprons for my recently betrothed friend and her husband. I bought them a BBQ tool set for a gift and thought aprons would be perfect as a follow up gift for their bbq party they just invited us to at the end of two weeks. Do you think this is enough time to whip some up? I've never made an apron before so will be another cool challenge. I have an idea that I want to make hers very feminine, cocktail style with some ruffles and his of course more masculine, ie no frills.

I also have managed to join the Year of the Dog post card swap at My Little Mochi. So this will also be in the works. I have a couple of ideas already so just hope I can match my minds eye.

Better get back to the grind stone!

Stay tuned...

Sunday, January 15, 2006

The party's over

Yep the party is well and truly over, now I can get on with more important things like organising the finer details of my upcoming wedding!

The date is set, 1st April 2006 - check, river cruise reception - check, catering - check, photographer - check, celebrant - check, bridal party - check, dress - check check!
Things we don't have organised, rings, shoes, suits, guest list, invitations, hens/bucks nights, showers, gifts, bonbonierie, music, flowers, bridesmaid dress, where we're going to sleep before and after the big day, cars...all the finer details and very important ones too!

So now you will know what to expect for the next 76 days and counting.

I'm making the flower girls dresses and will be embarking on that very soon, yay I get to use my new sewing machine at last!!! I think I'll also have a go at making the ring pillow and garter and maybe the veil but I did try on a really lovely one on Friday that would be perfect. I tried on my dress again and it is every bit as lovely as it was the first time. The attendant was amazed that I hadn't put on any weight from Christmas and I think I was quietly thankful that I hadn't. I have been trying to get my weight down of course and walking our dog helps a great deal but sometimes I don't have time to do that so it isn't always a reliable way to loose weight. I'm in the second week of the Liver Clensing Diet - great website here - which is essentially a low fat, non dairy, non sugar diet. Yay I can eat potatoes!!! I've done this before with great results but it is so hard not to smear toast with butter or eat a toasted sandwich without cheese. My reasoning is that this is temporary for 76 days and counting and it won't be long before I can stuff myself with wonderful foods on my wedding day! I think it will definitely be something to work towards...will keep you posted of course whether you like it or not.

We had a game of tennis with Mrs X and D's brother last night, we haven't played since September when I went back on the night shift. We had such a great time whacking the ball around that I can't believe it had been that long since playing last. I have a slight ache in my forearm but this is bearable. The rest of me is ok considering although I did have trouble getting to sleep last night so had a nice sleep in this morning.

I think I might sign off for now and keep you from the torturous long entries of late.

Take care, Ness

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

But wait there's more...Warning! this is a long one

How would you feel if your family didn't call you for your birthday even though you asked them to?

Believe it or not this happened to me last Thursday, on my birthday, the biggie, 30.
I had called mum the day before and specifically told her that even though we were talking then that she was to call me the next day with dad and big brother and requested singing and all the rest of it. They live in NZ so this is kinda important to me. I also made sure to say that if they couldn't reach me at home they would definitely be able to reach me on my mobile. Mum confirmed that she had the numbers.
I had my phone with me all day, throughout the hair episode, while getting ready to go out to dinner, while I was at dinner, nothing. Thank heavens I was being well entertained by D's family. I thought that they must've called home and I wasn't there and that they would probably call again the next day.
All the next day and well into the day after that I was expecting the ringing and singing on the other end of the phone, to no avail. I can't believe they still haven't called. Can you?

When I got to work on Sunday night there was a brief email from mum to say that she had called and I wasn't home and did I get my gifts? No mention of trying my mobile or that she was going to try calling again. I still don't believe I haven't heard from them since the email, six days ago, and counting. Surely I should have by now?

Anyway, thankfully, I had a fantastic time and have tried to not let it get to me, just another minor glitch, and I am still very excited for some strange reason, I must be crazy.

Well how about more about the sewing machine, this is the best story.

My dear beloved D, bless his cotton rayon blend socks, came home the Friday before Christmas to see wrapped presents under the mantlepiece on the hearth, (we don't have a tree, yet) NB: this is a shortened version.
D - Who are they for?
Me - For you and your family
D - But I told you not to get me any presents!
Me - Erm, no you didn't, I asked you the other week what you wanted and you said a million dollars. You know I always buy you a Christmas present. That's what I like to do.
D - Mumbling about wasting money etc - But I haven't got anything for you.
Me - Well you'd better go and get me something tomorrow.
D - How about I just give you some money and you can go and buy what you want.
Me - No, that's not how it works, you have to go to the shops and I suggest you get there early to avoid the crowds.
D - groaning
Me - Just get me some book vouchers or a gift certificate - trying to make it easy for him, nice huh!

So the next morning he went to the shops, thank goodness! When he came home, all happy and excited that he'd bought something good, it worked! I went and took the dog for a walk so he could wrap it. When I got back there were two huge boxes with something smaller on top ??? oooh I got the biggest!!!
Later that day we were watching tv and an ad came on for air-conditioning units and D said that that was what the pressie was. I went ballistic of course - you're not supposed to tell me what it is, it's supposed to be a surprise!!!
I did mention that it was rather smaller than I would expect for and air-con unit. All day he went on about the air-con that he'd gotten for me, saying that we should break it out now and get it going. ARGH!! what the? No! it's my present and I'm going to forget what it is and I'm going to wait until tomorrow!
All through dinner with his parents that night he kept on with the air-con, of course with me going stupid trying to change the subject.
So the next morning he gave me the first of the two big boxes, which I slowly unwrapped so as not to ruin the "surprise" and paper, against his goading to rip into it!
It was a grease gun. huh? this isn't an air-conditioning unit...cheeky little... The next small pressie he gave to me I unwrapped a little more hastily. A pair of dress making scissors and two feet for a Janome?? OMG!!! you couldn't stop me from, rip rip tearing the paper on the last biggest box to low and behold a brand new sewing machine!!! Squeals of delight and hugs and kisses and OMG's and thank yous and, wow isn't that the best present ever! I hadn't even asked or hinted for a new machine as I know how darned expensive they are. I still can't believe it. What a super star. I've been having a bit of trouble with my wee Elna that I'd bought quite a few years ago when I decided that I was staying in OZ for a while. I'm still pinching myself! I can't believe he even thought about a sewing machine! Now there is some serious sewing to be done, soon!!

SO. like I've been saying, stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Keeping the repo elves at bay

I was told when I was still in the single digits that if you didn't take down your decorations before the twelfth day after Christmas the elves would come and take your presents back.

I think this really stuck in my head because that is what I did on the sixth of January after the hairdressers. Thankfully my birthday is eleven days after Christmas so I manage to keep the decos up for it, yay!
I dutifully took down the Christmas decorations that I had been displaying for the past few weeks. I find this a bit sad but theraputic in a way as these are special items only for a special occasion. They need to be packed slowly and carefully so they dont get broken or squashed. I had them all hanging around the redundant gas fireplace which wasn't too bad. Framed by the lonely piece of bedraggled tinsel that looks like some poor mangy tail. I can't wait for next year when I can actually have a reason to go out and buy some more decorations and a tree! It is so hard to stop myself from the temptations that are the post Christmas sales, hence the need for boxes instead of shoe boxes for storing them all in this year.

SO after all that partying and carrying on over the weekend I spent the rest of it slouching around the house, not doing the dishes, not vaccuuming, not doing the laundry, not doing anything. I managed to watch three videos, (we aren't technically up to date as our tv is so old it doesn't have the relevant sockets for a dvd player) War of the Worlds, Lemony Snicket and another Aussie film, A Man's Gotta Do, with John Howard (not the PM and quite good) All were good but I think the Lemony Snicket was my favourite, I have a thing for wonderful sets, costumes and props.

Well now it is back to chores, work and blogging catchups. Thanks to those who've let me link them. Apparently I don't necessarily need to ask but I thought it would be the nice thing to do. Many thanks to those who've commented, I'm sooo excited when I see a new comment, I totally get why everyone enjoys blogging when they get cool comments from such nice total strangers. I can't wait until I get some of my crafty stuff up here for you all to see, do you think there is enough room for me to join in the fun? I sure do hope so. I didn't mention this but my gorgeous D bought me a brand new sewing machine for Christmas/Birthday present. So I can't wait to break this out of the box and go crazy.

More later, stay tuned!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Thirty Thoroughly Celebrated - Part 2

I must apologise to those who are already bored with my recollecting the extended birthday celebrations, trouble is that this is about me so I guess it is to be expected.

I had a nice wee sleep in and sauntered down to the hair salon for the alterations. I don't get why it took much less time to fix than the day before. I did make sure that while I was being seated I requested a coffee. Still being the morning and all I needed that caffiene and knew from the previous day that I couldn't trust them to ask. Low and behold not two minutes after requesting the said coffee another girl came and asked if I would like one. I can never win! Well, after some lengthy toning process I was all nicely fixed up, blow dried, dusted off and I walked out of there like a starlet which is exactly how I like to leave the salon.

A bit of aimless shopping to see if there were any new outfits for me to wear out that night and then off home to relax a little more.

I snapped out of my aimlessness much later that afternoon and started to get ready to go out. D came home and was surprised that I wasn't already ready. We still managed to catch an early train and made our way to the city. I misjudged the stops and went one too far so we had to back track for quite a while but this was ok because I didn't realise it until we were at the bar. We found an early arrival there waiting patiently and joined him. It was a really nice place. Living up to all of my expectations. But we weren't early enough to get the lounges so we had to congregate near the bar and entryway. Then some of the other people had arrived but there was some trouble and they couldn't get in. They were being told that it was full, utter rubbish. I went outside and explained that it was my birthday etc etc and it was like talking in a dream with nothing coming out, they were so not caring. So we packed up and went to another bar where I knew everyone could get in, trust me they let everyone in there. eek! But it was great fun. Everyone turned up and I was so happy to see that they'd all made the effort and dressed up and some even brought gifts, soo sweet. My bf Sass bought me a beautiful vintage tapestry purse, Bella brought me a lovely bracelet, I also received a book voucher (another favorite!) and drinks coming out of my ears! All fantastic.
As the night wore on some of the guests departed but it wasn't all at once and it was just great. We moved to a club later where one of my friends knew the DJ and had my name put down at the door to get in free, bonus!!! I was relieved to see that everyone there was really nice. Sometimes there can be a bit of animosity when a certain type of person is there causing problems, trying to hit on girls, creating trouble etc. Not fun, but this was great, I didn't have a single problem and my D was just beautiful and so attentive to me. We danced all night and left when they turned off the music. Another friend of mine, Cath had a hotel room for the night as she lives a fair way away from the city so we went back there and chatted and watched the music channel until I was falling asleep, then we went home.

So that was thrity, thoroughly celebrated!

Update on Being 30 - Part 1

I was told that being 30 was great, and so far I haven't had a problem with it

I did experience a few glitches but managed to keep cool about it.
The first was while I was getting my hair done.

I naturally have kind of mousy hair now. In the past I've tried various shades from honey to chocolate and strawberries in between. I've never had really blonde hair and when four hours later, argh four hours! the girl had finished with my hair, I wasn't happy. I had definitely made it clear to her from the start that I didn't want it too blonde as I'm hopeless with regrowth and it doesn't go with my pinky skin. I was now on the verge of being a Hilton. It was past 6pm and I couldn't have her do it all over again then even though she offered. I had a dinner to go to. Disappointed but thankful that I was able to make another (complimentary) appointment for the next morning, I left in a not so good mood. It maybe had something to do with not having any food or water for the four hours I was there. I eventually had to ask for a coffee after she'd put the colour in!

To top that off I had to pay for parking as I had been in the shopping centre for more than four hours. Totally not happy.

I got home expecting to be told to hurry but wasn't. I found out that we were indeed dining at the RSL which I wasn't too excited about, which in turn stressed poor D out. Then I felt bad because he was only trying to keep everyone happy, not just me. Even though it was my birthday, the big three oh, the first one that I had ever spent with him and his family instead of with mine who live in NZ. I guess I was really just hoping for and expecting a bit of special treatment.

Dinner turned out to be fun even though it was at the local RSL where we have been frequenting a lot lately. D's parents enjoy this cheap dining solution. We do too but I'd only been there a couple of days before so wasn't too excited about it. Not really my choice for major birthday celebrations. I was kind of looking forward to a homemade party. It was good though. I forgot about all of this when I walked in all smiles and had a great time. I even got some pressies!!! Totally unexpected. D's mum bought me a beautiful bracelet and some bath products, I also received a picture, some candles, and a book. (my favourite gift!) I share my birthday with D's dad who is on the 2nd along with D's wee sister's new boyfriend so they too were spoiled. In amongst all the fun we almost missed out on ordering dinner before the kitchen closed so I don't think the kitchen staff were too happy about us putting in a large order before closing time.

Had a fairly early night after returning to D's parents place for cake with candles. Very nice home made black forest cake with all the trimmings. Thanks Mrs X!

More tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

About turning 30...


Yes, ahem, it had to happen sooner or later and now that I am loitering in the remaining hours of 29-ness I think I have finally adjusted to the reality. After all, I've had a whole year to come to terms with it.
The first half of the year was spent in denial and generally freaking out that I had T-minus 360 something days left of being twenty-something. I didn't acknowledge the fact that I was already in my 30th year, no siree.
Funnily enough during the last few months I've been looking forward to being a grown up at last. No excuses now, I can definately tick that 30+ box with confidence. (funny how sometimes they have a 26-32 age box, what's with that?)

As bold and confident as I may seem I am secretly coveting the fact that I still feel 20-25. I probably still act it too!

OK so the line up for the next 3 days will be
  1. Pampering at hair salon followed by official dinner with in-law family
  2. Primping. Dinner out and cocktails in a swanky bar (very grown up don't you think) followed by extensive celebrating
  3. Recovering and residing to the fact that I am well and truly 30 something.

Of course it is all subject to whim,

Stay tuned!

Testing, Testing, 123

So far I've updated the template three times, added and deleted the sub heading twice, and written another update, ok once. Maybe it should be "Checking checking 321"

Anyway a bit about me, I have finally delurked (applause, please!) I just can't stand it anymore, I want to join in the fun that all my favourite bloggers are having and I'm hoping I haven't missed out.

Hopefully soon I will be posting some pics of things that I've made and setting this up a bit more asthetically. So stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Well here goes my very first blog, hope this is all it's cracked up to be...can't wait until I get rid of my training wheels!