Thursday, February 01, 2007


I finally sorted out the pics of the charity bears that I dressed for Christmas last year.

The first pair, the girl is wearing a reversible dress with matching handbag, the boy has a trendy reflective bag also.

The next pair are also well matched with shades of green, here you can see the boy's bag better. I added some beading to the green side of the dress, you can just make out the red flower motif at the top and if you really look you can see the odd beaded flower on the skirt, that spot below her left paw is one and a white bit in the middle
The back of the boys, since their clothes are not reversible I made sure they had pockets for fun and finds, gotta love pockets!
The two girls together with all the accessories, you can see the necklace on the bear on the right. The pink girl has one too but it is hidden.
You can see her bracelet here. I really like the red button on her bag.

A view of the reverse side of a dress. I just sewed the two pieces right side together then turned right way out through a gap then top sewed around the whole thing again.
I used the fabulous yo-yo to make the bags, great idea! I beaded the outside of this one by stringing beads on a thread and then stitching it around the bag. I love the button for this one
Not such a great shot but you can just make out the velcro that I attached to the opening of the bag so that the contents are less likely to spill out. I filled all the bags with some chocolates for their new owners.

I can't say how satisfying it is for me to make these each year knowing that they will be loved and appreciated by some small person. I hope that this will influence them in the future and remember that kindness is out there in the real world.


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