Wednesday, January 11, 2006

But wait there's more...Warning! this is a long one

How would you feel if your family didn't call you for your birthday even though you asked them to?

Believe it or not this happened to me last Thursday, on my birthday, the biggie, 30.
I had called mum the day before and specifically told her that even though we were talking then that she was to call me the next day with dad and big brother and requested singing and all the rest of it. They live in NZ so this is kinda important to me. I also made sure to say that if they couldn't reach me at home they would definitely be able to reach me on my mobile. Mum confirmed that she had the numbers.
I had my phone with me all day, throughout the hair episode, while getting ready to go out to dinner, while I was at dinner, nothing. Thank heavens I was being well entertained by D's family. I thought that they must've called home and I wasn't there and that they would probably call again the next day.
All the next day and well into the day after that I was expecting the ringing and singing on the other end of the phone, to no avail. I can't believe they still haven't called. Can you?

When I got to work on Sunday night there was a brief email from mum to say that she had called and I wasn't home and did I get my gifts? No mention of trying my mobile or that she was going to try calling again. I still don't believe I haven't heard from them since the email, six days ago, and counting. Surely I should have by now?

Anyway, thankfully, I had a fantastic time and have tried to not let it get to me, just another minor glitch, and I am still very excited for some strange reason, I must be crazy.

Well how about more about the sewing machine, this is the best story.

My dear beloved D, bless his cotton rayon blend socks, came home the Friday before Christmas to see wrapped presents under the mantlepiece on the hearth, (we don't have a tree, yet) NB: this is a shortened version.
D - Who are they for?
Me - For you and your family
D - But I told you not to get me any presents!
Me - Erm, no you didn't, I asked you the other week what you wanted and you said a million dollars. You know I always buy you a Christmas present. That's what I like to do.
D - Mumbling about wasting money etc - But I haven't got anything for you.
Me - Well you'd better go and get me something tomorrow.
D - How about I just give you some money and you can go and buy what you want.
Me - No, that's not how it works, you have to go to the shops and I suggest you get there early to avoid the crowds.
D - groaning
Me - Just get me some book vouchers or a gift certificate - trying to make it easy for him, nice huh!

So the next morning he went to the shops, thank goodness! When he came home, all happy and excited that he'd bought something good, it worked! I went and took the dog for a walk so he could wrap it. When I got back there were two huge boxes with something smaller on top ??? oooh I got the biggest!!!
Later that day we were watching tv and an ad came on for air-conditioning units and D said that that was what the pressie was. I went ballistic of course - you're not supposed to tell me what it is, it's supposed to be a surprise!!!
I did mention that it was rather smaller than I would expect for and air-con unit. All day he went on about the air-con that he'd gotten for me, saying that we should break it out now and get it going. ARGH!! what the? No! it's my present and I'm going to forget what it is and I'm going to wait until tomorrow!
All through dinner with his parents that night he kept on with the air-con, of course with me going stupid trying to change the subject.
So the next morning he gave me the first of the two big boxes, which I slowly unwrapped so as not to ruin the "surprise" and paper, against his goading to rip into it!
It was a grease gun. huh? this isn't an air-conditioning unit...cheeky little... The next small pressie he gave to me I unwrapped a little more hastily. A pair of dress making scissors and two feet for a Janome?? OMG!!! you couldn't stop me from, rip rip tearing the paper on the last biggest box to low and behold a brand new sewing machine!!! Squeals of delight and hugs and kisses and OMG's and thank yous and, wow isn't that the best present ever! I hadn't even asked or hinted for a new machine as I know how darned expensive they are. I still can't believe it. What a super star. I've been having a bit of trouble with my wee Elna that I'd bought quite a few years ago when I decided that I was staying in OZ for a while. I'm still pinching myself! I can't believe he even thought about a sewing machine! Now there is some serious sewing to be done, soon!!

SO. like I've been saying, stay tuned!


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