Sunday, March 19, 2006


Hens/bucks weekend have been successfully executed and now I am counting down the days, so far 13 more sleeps. I can't believe how quickly it is coming around and I really am starting to be concerned about some of the things that I need to do still.

I have another dress fitting tomorrow at 3pm so I won't be able to sew until Tuesday. Still need to see the boat sometime, perhaps on Wednesday I will be able to do this. I ordered the bonboniere last week and should be arriving this week hopefully.

D and I are completely exhausted. Unfortunately I had to come to work this evening after partying all of yesterday and last night. Had a great time whooping it up with the girls and D's sister J came all the way from Brisbane to join in the fun. I think she was attracted by the fact that we were doing Pole Dancing lessons for a fun activity, now we know some new tricks! We had a blast with the cheeky costumes that were supplied for us to wear. J had a really tarty dress on that was ripped to shreds with strategically placed pieces that weren't ripped. It really was a lot of fun and the couple of drinks we had before the lesson was a great tonic for any nerves that were rattling away in some of the girls. After that we went out to a club and danced the night away until 2:30am. A bit of an early night for us but we were pretty pooped after all the fun we had in the afternoon and early evening.

D had fun too as far a I can glean from him. He has now perfected his water skiing style and is really getting into it. I can't wait until I can have a go sometime. We may be getting a house boat for a week after the wedding so this will be nice to just relax and not worry about phones ringing or doing a thing. I may be able to catch up on my reading for once.

Took MrsX cake tasting on the weekend and have found a place that will be just right for making the cake. We went and saw the movie Tristan & Isolde also on Friday evening which was just fun and the movie is definately watch worthy. I highly reccommend it.

Better dash, stay tuned.

Friday, March 17, 2006


Ok bad title but it's late and I need to go home soon.

In the meantime here is the card that is going with the sugared almond favours.

I know it reads funny at the end, I have had comments/criticism that it says only four wishes but I interpret the "for Life" as an extra wish, please let me know if you read it like everyone else. I think I'm going to have some explaining to do...the thank you below the poem is the back of the card. I thought it was a good idea...criticism's welcome.

Off to do some chores before heading home.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Upping the Ante

Yep hitting a higher gear over here and counting down to the big day.

Only 16 more sleeps for me and I am starting to fret a bit about all that is still to be done.
I ordered the bonboniere today so that should arrive next week, fingers crossed. The flower man was fairly helpful and I am confident that I can pull that off without too much drama, I'm sure there will be drama though. MrsX and I are going cake tasting tomorrow, should be a fun thing I think to do. Hopefully we will find the right one. I'm pretty confident we can find something that will be suitable with delivery.

I found out today that perhaps daylight savings will be extended another week due to the Commonwealth games happening at this moment. This will make it fall on the night of the wedding so perhaps after all we will be able to have a bit of leniency there. Should I call everyone and reschedule the time? I was having an issue with the celebrant regarding this, he wasn't sure if he could make it to my wedding in time...

Will sort out transport and accommodation issues with Mr&MrsX tomorrow night. The Hens is on this weekend, and I guess I should be worried but I'm not at the moment.

Need to get the groom and bestman their shirts and make sure that they have shoes and bm has suit. Have to schedule a colour sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Had another dress fitting yesterday and the earrings I found I think will go nicely being a bit quirky which is me but still very nice.

Need to have D go over the vows with me sometime between now and Monday and send those to the celebrant, book a time for a rehersal with him and still have to check out the boat...

So much to do, so little time...stay tuned

Monday, March 13, 2006

Believe it or not

You won't believe that I have finally cracked out the sewing machine that D bought me for Christmas. Almost three months of restraint! I must be mad.

I can't believe that I have taken so long to take the twistie ties off the cords and plug them in.
I wound all five of the bobbins with white thread in preparation of sewing the flower girl dresses. I even managed to sew the linings up ready to fit the girls. I knew that one of them would definitely be too big. But once I held them up after stitching the few seams that were necessary I thought they were both too big. Thankfully the eldest girl's dress won't need to be adjusted too drastically, just a decent hem. I found the pattern to be a bit strange in the fact that the bustline was rather curved to accommodate a bosom, which clearly an eight and almost six year old don't have yet. So I'm going to have to flatten those out otherwise they'll be borrowing the kleenex for reasons they shouldn't.

Managed to blitz the house cleaning for once. I was on the rampage in this department all weekend keeping on at all involved to clean and tidy after themselves, aside D of course, he's way to busy to even bother listening to me.

Cooked the first roast of the season and had D's brother around for dinner which was nice for a change. I think he appreciated the change in cuisine, I don't think MrsX makes roast chicken much if at all. I made a wonderful madiera cake for dessert and ruined it with real chocolate icing on request from D's weeun. She certainly didn't mind eating my discarded icing. It tasted so much better without the added sweetness. Don't tell yarnstorm I said that though ok!

Can't believe that it is now less than three weeks until the big day. Still so much to be done and organized. Mocked up the program the other day. Not happy with the standard script font that I have on the computer here at work so will see if I can download a nice free one at home. Must sort out the music, hopefully I can do this on Friday...fingers crossed, need to order the bonboniere, sort out the transport and accommodation arrangements for my parents, have another dress fitting, hens night on Saturday, do the cake thing and a myriad of other little things that I have overlooked. Think I may have found some nice earrings though so another small thing off the list.

Winning the lotto now would just be marvellous.

Anyway better get back to the planning...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

helicopter as promised

Here is the Helicopter Pinata I made for the godson's fourth birthday. I ended up spray painting it as it was a heck of a lot quicker and more machine like with the paint as opposed to the crepe paper tassels. What do you think?
I made it so that both the rotors spun around and the rope came through the top of the rotor so it could spin without getting all caught up in the hanging part of the pinata. Must also apologise for the lousy picture. I was in such a rush all day trying to finish it before the party that this was the only one i managed to capture before the kids took to it with the cricket bat!

I think the four year old was rather impressed but of course the only thing they all wanted to do was smash it to get at the loot inside. As you do when you are a four year old sugar junkie!

We had a great day of course, the park is wonderful with a massive play area which is all fenced to keep the wee ones in and the adults relaxed. With sand all around no one can get hurt falling and there is a wonderful view of the river yay yonder behind the distant trees. A very popular venue on the weekend for celebrations, I think I counted happy birthday sung around six times in the vicinity!

Made a mock up of the floral head bands I'm going to make for the flower girls. I think I want to make one for me too, but I'd better not...They are quite easy. I used gypsophyla (sp?) or commonly called baby's breath, cutting small sprigs off the stems and taping with floral tape to a piece of taped wire. I think it took around 20 minutes so these will definitely be done for the wedding. Not sure how well they'll keep once they are completed but if I use flower preserver I'm sure they'll do ok. I guess I could always make them on the morning while getting my hair and make up done...yes we'll see.

I think I'm back on track with getting things organised. Am concentrating on the flowers at the moment and will be sewing up the linings of the girls dresses over the weekend. Very exciting, can't believe it is only 23 days to go...whoa!

Also think I have found some jewellery to give as gifts to the girls and mothers...will see.

stay tuned.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

We have the ring!

Picked up my wedding ring from the jewellers today. It fits!

Not much else to write about aside from having to run everywhere today.

I was seriously in danger of missing my train and therefore missing out on the time to get to a training session scheduled so I had to run to the station. I never run to the station. But this was a matter of urgency. I had slept in also and missed out on my daily run with Milo so I guess in a way I was making up for it. I was really struggling to get there on time and just made it with a couple of minutes to spare before the train departed. I had run to the extent of feeling sick and getting the burning lung feeling. I guess it didn't help that I had eaten breakfast not moments before heading out the door...silly me. Thankfully I have a whole hour on the train to the city so I had plenty of time to recover.

Then in town I changed my shirt and tested a sample of perfume, the new Leona Edmiston one is very very nice. Am thinking of getting it for the wedding instead of the Vera Wang which is also a wonderful fragrance. Then I headed for the venue only to discover that I was heading in the wrong direction. So I turned around and headed the other way only to call my supervisor and discover that I was on the wrong street. So I headed over and began to run again as I was running out of time to get there. They had warned us that if we weren't there five minutes before the session we would have to miss out. I made it to the street that it was on only to discover that I was five blocks too far and had to back track all that time and distance running again. I wasn't very happy with that as I was not wanting to turn up all sweaty, red in the face and breathless. But I did. I was also only five minutes late and they let me in still so I was fairly relieved.

Then after I went to the jewellers to collect my wedding ring. Its beautiful by the way. After that I was taken by some lovely sparkly costume jewellery in a window and enticed by the sales lady offering me a discount for being her only customer so far that day. I think I changed her luck as I was about to purchase something a whole group of people came into the shop and took her attention from me. So I told her I would be back another day. Perhaps it was a good time for me to leave before spending money I don't have.

Spied a wonderful vanity bag in Peter Alexander's shop, he does some great PJ's, a beautiful quilted chocolate satin with burgundy roses. Very tempting. I think I'll be going back for that one...

Checked out the music store and then realised that I was going to be late for work, the third time in as many hours that I had to run somewhere. Thank heavens I'm at work now and I don't have to rush anywhere!

Stay tuned.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Happy Mardi Gras to all Aussies out there, that along with the bridal shower were the key events of the weekend that just was.

Also today was D's godson's 4th birthday, a great event with the piece de resistance being the helicopter pinata complete with rotating rotor blades. Obviously pics to come. The kids thoroughly enjoyed bashing it with a cricket bat, how very aussie! The sweets were a big hit too. I ventured to a new source for the sweets. A place called the Candybox where they sell big bags of pinata sweets for $10. A great variety and not stingy on the amount either. I reckon I'll fill three pinatas out of two bags. I ended up spray painting the helicopter instead of the standard crepe paper tassel affair. It turned out pretty good for a last minute rush job in the two hours I had earlier in the morning. Thank heavens we had some wonderful cherry red, Datsun blue and black spray paint left overs that I was able to use. I already have an order for the next birthday coming up in May, this one is going to be six and requested a dolphin, hmmm will have to get my thinking hat on for this one...

The bridal shower was a success although a few of the people I hoped would come sent their last minute regrets. I have a feeling that some people just don't want to feel that they have to spend yet more money on the bride...I would have been happier if they turned up giftless instead of altogether not turning up. Anyway I guess that is the way you find out who cares...right?

Next on the list is the Hens I know that those who didn't come to the BS will definately come to this event. It is hot news right now...pole dancing being the main event. I will be resorting to the diet after the past weekends extravagance and indulgence...too much of the good stuff and not enough of the healthy stuff.

D is moving into his new premises next week hopefully if the containers and fences go up so things are moving along. I have the ring to collect this week and also have to sort out the cake and start sewing up the flower girl dresses. I managed to cut out the jackets and the linings for these last week and will sew them up first to test the sizing...don't want to commit to cutting the main dress fabric until these are confirmed sizes, lest I make a really big mistake in calculations...