Monday, January 23, 2006

Work it baby!

Milo was working it for the camera today.

It was all in the name of the New Years Postcard swap that I'm contributing to. Very exciting you know. I've never done one of these before.
I found myself talking to Milo like he was a human subject, "look at me, beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous!" If anyone had seen me doing this they would have thought that I'm nuts. Who takes a dog for a walk with a camera, taking pics as they walk down the street? The photos will be interesting to say the least. I think Milo was mildly relieved when we finished, I have a feeling that he is camera shy. A bit like D's daughter.
Thankfully I was pretty much alone with him, we went to the dog park and hung out for a while until I used the film up. D is not going to be impressed. He tends to get a bit crazy about me "wasting" film. Not to mention that I have around 15 to process, some from around three years ago! I know, really bad example of procrastinating. I'm hoping that they will still be ok.
One of the films I processed along with the dog shoot was from May last year. I love that. All those images that you forget about and then rediscover. The trouble is that I never really forget what I take a photo of. I just wonder where it got to. I guess most of them are still to be processed!
There is one example though which is really embarassing and disappointing. I was visiting my G'ma for Christmas with dad and I decided to do a wee shoot with them much to G'ma's reluctance. She softened up a bit once we got into it. Anyway I was on the last roll and the pics were going great. All nicely composed and light just right etc etc. I took some fantastic group shots of us and just of dad and G'ma. Then the next day I went to finish the roll and it kept taking more photos. Shoot! the film hadn't wound on properly and all those pics were never to be seen, ever. I did manage to get a wonderful pic of G'ma and her dog, Spice, which is my favourite memory of that day. All the other pics that didn't make it are still in my minds eye but never to be seen. A real shame and a great reason to go digital, but not yet.

Sorry folks I'm very much a tradional photographer, no digital gizmos for me. The only thing the camera needs a battery for is the light meter. I'll scan some pics when they are printed. Promises, promises, I hear you all say. Well I do mean to do these things that I say I'm going to do. Just sometimes I get so darned busy all at once.

Better dash!


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