Thursday, July 26, 2007


Life has been hectic around here lately. There has been one upheaval after another. After the window was smashed in the ute and a spare set of house keys was taken things went into a down hill slide.
D has been bitten by the renovating bug, spurred on by the imminent arrival of our first child. At first it was pretty straight forward. Put a wall where there wasn't one to make another bedroom. He ripped up the carpet in the area and we discovered that where we were planning on putting the wall and door is exactly where once upon a time there used to be one. It seems that our house was modified by some space loving communal living hippies, no offence to any hippies, I like you but sometimes it is nice to have some privacy!
So he put the wall up and the door is hanging and there is now a room but in either corner of the room on the outer part of the wall where the window is there has been some water damage. What appeared to be just a bit of a crack in the plaster board revealed something much more sinister, the timber framework has partially rotted from the ground up. Then to compound this while D was in the roof lining up the holes for the light switch cable he slipped off one of the supporting beams and his knee cracked the ceiling. He could have gone right through so he was lucky but this certainly didn't help his outlook on the whole project. I think he is seriously dismayed about the whole thing and I am in danger of having my dream of a livable house dashed. Fingers crossed for us that the room is finished without any other nasty surprises and I am allowed to have a living room and new bedroom.
While all this was going on at the beginning of July we celebrated our 6th year anniversary, for the amount of time since we met. This is a joint celebration with his cousin who turned 30 so we went out on the town, I sober for once due to our imminent arrival and he having a ball with all his cousins and friends.
Monday after this night out I came down very suddenly with symptoms of a cold. Tuesday I had trouble getting out of bed and after getting ready to go and do three important things I realised that I definitely couldn't do them as I was so exhausted from the effort of getting ready. So I called in sick to work, cancelled the rescheduled midwives appointment and called in sick to my evening class. Called the doctor and went to bed while waiting for the appointment time. I was in a very bad state when I got to the doctor and was ordered to take the rest of the week off. It is three and a half weeks later and I am still with a residual cough that comes and goes. If anyone out there has had this flu I know exactly what you are going through. It is not nice at all. Not only did I have it but D got it too. The only problem was that he couldn't take time off work to recouperate so had to use the masking effects of cold and flu drugs available at the pharmacy.
While this was happening I was informed on returning to work two weeks ago that my boss was leaving. This was a shock to me and I'm completely missing her. Things are not the same. The new guy is trying too hard and not really what I would do if I were in his shoes in a new company, especially when dealing with someone who has worked in the department for over 7 years such as myself. I wasn't offered the position which I think is an oversight even if I am leaving in a few months on maternity leave. They still could have asked me if I wanted the position and if they had offered it to me I could have groomed the next person to be as good a facsimile of myself and my old boss. Maintaining the standards we have instigated and all the clients are accustomed to. I believe I have strong grounds for discrimination if I choose to pursue it.
Anway better stop now, this is enough for one night.
Here is another pic of Rosie, just because you've been wonderful listeners...


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