Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hello and welcome back, post 86 has been a long time in the making hasn't it!

I've been somewhat busy these past weeks but nothing really of interest to report to the wonderful wide world. I'm going to post some pics here now to keep you all happy and as a sort of pictorial review of my absentness...

The Pasha Bulker grounded on Nobby's Beach in Newcastle during a storm at the beginning of last month
The seat covers I made when the drivers window was smashed in a parking lot one evening. They stole a spare set of house keys, very unnerving, and left the car stereo

The fungus I found in D's grandmothers back yard, no colour enhancement has been used in the picture, it truly is this bright orange!
My delightful Rosie playing swingball, what a character huh! Oh, mind the junk in the laundry behind her. I really shouldn't bring attention to it but I can't help myself!

Better get going, so I can post another one another day!


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