Sunday, January 15, 2006

The party's over

Yep the party is well and truly over, now I can get on with more important things like organising the finer details of my upcoming wedding!

The date is set, 1st April 2006 - check, river cruise reception - check, catering - check, photographer - check, celebrant - check, bridal party - check, dress - check check!
Things we don't have organised, rings, shoes, suits, guest list, invitations, hens/bucks nights, showers, gifts, bonbonierie, music, flowers, bridesmaid dress, where we're going to sleep before and after the big day, cars...all the finer details and very important ones too!

So now you will know what to expect for the next 76 days and counting.

I'm making the flower girls dresses and will be embarking on that very soon, yay I get to use my new sewing machine at last!!! I think I'll also have a go at making the ring pillow and garter and maybe the veil but I did try on a really lovely one on Friday that would be perfect. I tried on my dress again and it is every bit as lovely as it was the first time. The attendant was amazed that I hadn't put on any weight from Christmas and I think I was quietly thankful that I hadn't. I have been trying to get my weight down of course and walking our dog helps a great deal but sometimes I don't have time to do that so it isn't always a reliable way to loose weight. I'm in the second week of the Liver Clensing Diet - great website here - which is essentially a low fat, non dairy, non sugar diet. Yay I can eat potatoes!!! I've done this before with great results but it is so hard not to smear toast with butter or eat a toasted sandwich without cheese. My reasoning is that this is temporary for 76 days and counting and it won't be long before I can stuff myself with wonderful foods on my wedding day! I think it will definitely be something to work towards...will keep you posted of course whether you like it or not.

We had a game of tennis with Mrs X and D's brother last night, we haven't played since September when I went back on the night shift. We had such a great time whacking the ball around that I can't believe it had been that long since playing last. I have a slight ache in my forearm but this is bearable. The rest of me is ok considering although I did have trouble getting to sleep last night so had a nice sleep in this morning.

I think I might sign off for now and keep you from the torturous long entries of late.

Take care, Ness


Blogger eireann said...

congratulations on getting some of the big things worked out! I can't imagine all the work that goes into a wedding.

And you should post photos of the dresses/etc. that you make! I made veils for my friends' weddings, and that was great fun. Good luck with all the sewing!

3:59 AM  

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