Monday, January 09, 2006

Update on Being 30 - Part 1

I was told that being 30 was great, and so far I haven't had a problem with it

I did experience a few glitches but managed to keep cool about it.
The first was while I was getting my hair done.

I naturally have kind of mousy hair now. In the past I've tried various shades from honey to chocolate and strawberries in between. I've never had really blonde hair and when four hours later, argh four hours! the girl had finished with my hair, I wasn't happy. I had definitely made it clear to her from the start that I didn't want it too blonde as I'm hopeless with regrowth and it doesn't go with my pinky skin. I was now on the verge of being a Hilton. It was past 6pm and I couldn't have her do it all over again then even though she offered. I had a dinner to go to. Disappointed but thankful that I was able to make another (complimentary) appointment for the next morning, I left in a not so good mood. It maybe had something to do with not having any food or water for the four hours I was there. I eventually had to ask for a coffee after she'd put the colour in!

To top that off I had to pay for parking as I had been in the shopping centre for more than four hours. Totally not happy.

I got home expecting to be told to hurry but wasn't. I found out that we were indeed dining at the RSL which I wasn't too excited about, which in turn stressed poor D out. Then I felt bad because he was only trying to keep everyone happy, not just me. Even though it was my birthday, the big three oh, the first one that I had ever spent with him and his family instead of with mine who live in NZ. I guess I was really just hoping for and expecting a bit of special treatment.

Dinner turned out to be fun even though it was at the local RSL where we have been frequenting a lot lately. D's parents enjoy this cheap dining solution. We do too but I'd only been there a couple of days before so wasn't too excited about it. Not really my choice for major birthday celebrations. I was kind of looking forward to a homemade party. It was good though. I forgot about all of this when I walked in all smiles and had a great time. I even got some pressies!!! Totally unexpected. D's mum bought me a beautiful bracelet and some bath products, I also received a picture, some candles, and a book. (my favourite gift!) I share my birthday with D's dad who is on the 2nd along with D's wee sister's new boyfriend so they too were spoiled. In amongst all the fun we almost missed out on ordering dinner before the kitchen closed so I don't think the kitchen staff were too happy about us putting in a large order before closing time.

Had a fairly early night after returning to D's parents place for cake with candles. Very nice home made black forest cake with all the trimmings. Thanks Mrs X!

More tomorrow!


Anonymous lyn said...

Happy Birthday !!!
Being in your thirties is the best. A girls 'prime-time' !
: )

7:04 AM  

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