Monday, January 09, 2006

Thirty Thoroughly Celebrated - Part 2

I must apologise to those who are already bored with my recollecting the extended birthday celebrations, trouble is that this is about me so I guess it is to be expected.

I had a nice wee sleep in and sauntered down to the hair salon for the alterations. I don't get why it took much less time to fix than the day before. I did make sure that while I was being seated I requested a coffee. Still being the morning and all I needed that caffiene and knew from the previous day that I couldn't trust them to ask. Low and behold not two minutes after requesting the said coffee another girl came and asked if I would like one. I can never win! Well, after some lengthy toning process I was all nicely fixed up, blow dried, dusted off and I walked out of there like a starlet which is exactly how I like to leave the salon.

A bit of aimless shopping to see if there were any new outfits for me to wear out that night and then off home to relax a little more.

I snapped out of my aimlessness much later that afternoon and started to get ready to go out. D came home and was surprised that I wasn't already ready. We still managed to catch an early train and made our way to the city. I misjudged the stops and went one too far so we had to back track for quite a while but this was ok because I didn't realise it until we were at the bar. We found an early arrival there waiting patiently and joined him. It was a really nice place. Living up to all of my expectations. But we weren't early enough to get the lounges so we had to congregate near the bar and entryway. Then some of the other people had arrived but there was some trouble and they couldn't get in. They were being told that it was full, utter rubbish. I went outside and explained that it was my birthday etc etc and it was like talking in a dream with nothing coming out, they were so not caring. So we packed up and went to another bar where I knew everyone could get in, trust me they let everyone in there. eek! But it was great fun. Everyone turned up and I was so happy to see that they'd all made the effort and dressed up and some even brought gifts, soo sweet. My bf Sass bought me a beautiful vintage tapestry purse, Bella brought me a lovely bracelet, I also received a book voucher (another favorite!) and drinks coming out of my ears! All fantastic.
As the night wore on some of the guests departed but it wasn't all at once and it was just great. We moved to a club later where one of my friends knew the DJ and had my name put down at the door to get in free, bonus!!! I was relieved to see that everyone there was really nice. Sometimes there can be a bit of animosity when a certain type of person is there causing problems, trying to hit on girls, creating trouble etc. Not fun, but this was great, I didn't have a single problem and my D was just beautiful and so attentive to me. We danced all night and left when they turned off the music. Another friend of mine, Cath had a hotel room for the night as she lives a fair way away from the city so we went back there and chatted and watched the music channel until I was falling asleep, then we went home.

So that was thrity, thoroughly celebrated!


Anonymous kelly said...

happy, happy belated birthday! 30 isn't too bad... the whole thing ended up being rather anticlimactic for me. Welcome to blog-land, too!

2:23 PM  

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