Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Ooooh I'm soo excited, I'm participating in my first swap!

I'm also getting over my wee slump I've been experiencing since my birthday celebrations ceased. Just a natural thing I'm sure but very perterbing when I have to keep myself on track.
I've managed to plan out when things should be done and missed quite a few of my deadlines but this isn't major. I've managed to sort out the guest list for the wedding with D, a big relief! We've managed to keep it below 70 so we will all be comfortable on the boat. I'm sure not all that we invite will come so hopefully it will be around 60-65 guests. I might be surprised though!

I have my Bridesmaid (BM) working on the shower and another friend working on the Hens night. The dates are set for both and I just have to sort out the invitations and mail them by the end of next week. Along with the Postcard swap cards...yep my plate is getting a bit full but hopefully I will be able to cope. Still yet to put scissors to fabric and cut the flower girl dresses but I still have another week before I panic on that one. Can anyone see a pattern of procrastination happening??


Work is busier and it looks like I'll be staying back a bit more tonight with the usual markup dilemmas. I might squeeze in another post if it is dragging out more.

Anyway until then I'm going to leave it at this.



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