Tuesday, August 28, 2007


That is me, not sure why but that last post was sitting in editing for the whole month. I kept going to my blog and thinking I had written more since the Pasha Bulker but there was nothing showing. Oh well.

End of August. Time is flying, my belly is bigger than ever but everyone comments that I am totally not looking like 7 months, apparently and according to one father to three it is my youthful and unstretched stomach muscles. Will see how I go when I have babe #2!

Life is as hectic as ever, classes are still full on and fun. I have baby shower invites to create and send and also wedding invitations for D's cousin who is to wed in March '08. She has overseas guests coming and wants them out by October.

I'm finishing up work on the 1st of October and counting down the weeks/days. I have a feeling that all that I am putting off until that time will be put off until the baby arrives and then until the baby is less dependant and then probably until the baby goes to school. Such is my life.

The weather is finally heating up after a week of gloom. It just so coincided with my brothers visit so he was not impressed. He mentioned something about his staying in NZ instead of coming to OZ. I'm glad he is still here to witness the change.

Well better go, just had to check in for the month before it ends and prove to myself that I wasn't imagining things, yes I did actually write a post after #86!

Stay tuned...


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