Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Skip a month here, miss a mother there

Happy early southern hemisphere mothers' day to all mums and mums to be out there. You are all wonderful and deserve that extra tim tam or serve of whipped cream.

Missing a whole month of blogging, now that is a bit tragic. But things keep on evolving in my world.
I'm due for my first scan on Friday which is very exciting.
My mother has been rediagnosed with Pick's disease which is similar to Alzheimers but affects the frontotemporal lobes of the brain, either resulting in speech difficulties or severe personality changes. Mum has the latter and it is not nice. She has lost most of her rationality and initiative. Her most recent foray in the public arena involved her trying to find money in cars belonging to other people. If only she knew what she were doing. There was a meeting of sorts in the community and people are more aware of her condition and there is talk of a secure facility for her to stay at.
I'll be trying out a new pinata constructing method tomorrow which should cut down the time spent constructing the main foundation and paper mache-ing, hopefully. It is due Sunday and is supposed to be a seahorse. I was hoping it was due next weekend. Never mind.
My father is contending with debt collectors that mum had inadvertently riled when she joined six mail order bookclubs with contracts for a year to purchase a minimum amount of books. They are very pushy and not sympathetic even when dad has explained mum's impaired judgement and mental capacity. All they want is the money. Typical.
D starts his new job on Monday although he needs another week to tie up loose ends with the business and home, our backyard resembles a scrap yard and is littered with assorted trailers and boats.
Rosie is a darling. I have taught her several new tricks. My pride of these is "Bang, you're dead" where upon shooting her with a banana gun or my two fingered model she lays down and rolls over laying very still for a period of time until I give her the "GOOD GIRL!" and much applause. I also taught her a sitting high five, standing high ten and to drink from the tap/faucet. She also drops the ball/stick/toy when asked so I can throw it for her again. I'm going to be working on crawling and standing upright on her hind legs next.
My course is going well. I got 85% on a test recently which I think is pretty good but I kick myself for wording the incorrect answers the way I did or I would have had a higher mark.
Sewing has been non existent.
Clearing the house of junk has been more prevalent and makes me so happy to have some space to reclutter.
I've been slack on the photo front and many other areas and find myself to be waiting for something.
I think it is waiting to find out if its to be a pink or blue baby.
The weather is beautiful. Raining mostly last week and nice temperate days this past week. It is deteriorating though for the weekend and mothers day. Typical.

Better go, will write soon...I hope


Anonymous Simmy said...

Hi Ness,

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. I still have the Knitted Toys book and you are very welcome to it so please do send me your address.

Also congratulations on your pregnancy - what an exciting time for you amidst all sadness about your Mum.

7:16 AM  

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