Thursday, January 26, 2006


Better get this off too before I leave for a weekend in Lithgow, watching boys ride bikes in mud and over think I could be working on wedding related things.


Hope all you Aussies have a great Australia day and relax, do Aussie things, wear your thongs and have a few cold ones at a BBQ or the beach, if the weather holds up in Sydney! It was raining last time I was outside.

Take it easy the rest of you and have a cold one for us, or a hot cuppa chocolate laced with some Frangelico or liquor of some desciption.



Blogger pookieville said...

Hi! (sing this part...) I got a postcard, I got a postcard...I love it! Thank you so much. Your exercise buddy looks like he can go the distance. I will be back to read more later- but thank you again for the lovely card. Tyn

12:12 PM  

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