Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Keeping the repo elves at bay

I was told when I was still in the single digits that if you didn't take down your decorations before the twelfth day after Christmas the elves would come and take your presents back.

I think this really stuck in my head because that is what I did on the sixth of January after the hairdressers. Thankfully my birthday is eleven days after Christmas so I manage to keep the decos up for it, yay!
I dutifully took down the Christmas decorations that I had been displaying for the past few weeks. I find this a bit sad but theraputic in a way as these are special items only for a special occasion. They need to be packed slowly and carefully so they dont get broken or squashed. I had them all hanging around the redundant gas fireplace which wasn't too bad. Framed by the lonely piece of bedraggled tinsel that looks like some poor mangy tail. I can't wait for next year when I can actually have a reason to go out and buy some more decorations and a tree! It is so hard to stop myself from the temptations that are the post Christmas sales, hence the need for boxes instead of shoe boxes for storing them all in this year.

SO after all that partying and carrying on over the weekend I spent the rest of it slouching around the house, not doing the dishes, not vaccuuming, not doing the laundry, not doing anything. I managed to watch three videos, (we aren't technically up to date as our tv is so old it doesn't have the relevant sockets for a dvd player) War of the Worlds, Lemony Snicket and another Aussie film, A Man's Gotta Do, with John Howard (not the PM and quite good) All were good but I think the Lemony Snicket was my favourite, I have a thing for wonderful sets, costumes and props.

Well now it is back to chores, work and blogging catchups. Thanks to those who've let me link them. Apparently I don't necessarily need to ask but I thought it would be the nice thing to do. Many thanks to those who've commented, I'm sooo excited when I see a new comment, I totally get why everyone enjoys blogging when they get cool comments from such nice total strangers. I can't wait until I get some of my crafty stuff up here for you all to see, do you think there is enough room for me to join in the fun? I sure do hope so. I didn't mention this but my gorgeous D bought me a brand new sewing machine for Christmas/Birthday present. So I can't wait to break this out of the box and go crazy.

More later, stay tuned!


Anonymous lyn said...

A sewing machine as a present !
You lucky girl. : )

3:04 AM  

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