Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I did it!!

Check this out...

I did it! now all I have to do is add it to my side bar and I'll be happy!

Progress on the PC swap today. The photo shoot I had with Milo yesterday was a success. I chose an image that I thought was a bit artsy. I do hope you like it. Please if you get one of my postcards let me know what you think. I will really appreciate it. For those of you who don't get one I'll post it next week, now that I know how to get pics in here!!

Anyway I unlocked the door to my darkroom today, the first time in oh around nine months to a year! Yes procrastinating again I'm afraid. I haven't done any printing for a while and this was the perfect opportunity to get back into my darkroom.
I cleared out the cobwebs and about a dozen daddy-long-legs. I removed the creeping weed that had inifiltrated the minute cracks around the door, slowly making its way to my precious enlarger. Dusted down the benches and then I set everything up. I was really pleased to find that everything was dry and all my gear was in good working order sans cobwebs. Even the paper wasn't heat affected, whew I don't think I would have liked to replace all of that!
I did the proof sheet, test strips, test print and then started the production line. I've never printed in this way before, multiples of the same image. I usually just do the one or two good final prints of the image I want and then forget about it.
To say the least I'm pretty pleased with how it has turned out. I'm sorry I wasn't more creative with my postcard, I know that some of you wonderful bloggers are out there quilting, collaging and the like, but for me this was the perfect first swap, simple and achievable.

My darling D made the darkroom for me about two years ago and it hasn't had a great deal of use since. I think I just wasn't all that inspired. I think he was pretty stunned to hear that I'd been in there printing away. Perhaps even excited. When we met I was very much into bw photography and had my own darkroom set up in the basement of this wonderful wee terraced house. It had this fantastic sandstone foundations that were like rooms beneath the main house. A bit like silence of the lambs which would freak me out if I thought about it so I tried not to. It was also the perfect size for me as I'm fairly short, the ceiling was just above my head, kind of like the old English pubs where you have to duck if you are over 5ft tall. I always had great fun going to them with tall friends. Anyway when we moved I missed having my own darkroom to play in so D converted a back shed that we had there and I was over the moon in love with him, again. He can be just wonderful when he wants to be. He even installed an extractor fan and his dad set up the light so that there was the main switch to turn on the white light and the secondary switch to flick between red and white light. Very fancy!! The only thing I need in there is plumbing but for now I am content. I've had to work in worse conditions!

So mission accomplished, I just have to put in the post tomorrow and all done, for once I made it before the deadline!

Hope you're all crafting along nicely!


Anonymous tania said...

way to go!

3:16 AM  
Blogger my vintage days said...

Lucky you, your own darkroom!
I took printing for 2 years in school. And so 3 hour a day I was in lab, part of that was a darkroom and I loved it. Black and white photo are truly beautiful. Don't sell yourself short photography is very much an art.

3:52 AM  

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