Monday, January 16, 2006

Girl at work

Yep that's me, working for once.

The party is truly over, I've been busy this night and for the past six weeks it's been dead quiet. I forgot to mention how hard I kicked myself for forgetting to take my camera with me when I tried on my wedding dress last Friday. So you will all be in the dark for a while longer. Do you think they would mind if I requested another try on just so I can take a pic? I might ask in another week or so...

Anyway while I have a mo' I'll let you know what else I'm cooking up.

D's godson will be turning 4 in the next 7 weeks so I put my hand up eagerly to make a pinata for him. Asking what his favourite thing was at this moment, always subject to change at whim of course, it turns out he's into helicopters. This was revealed when he was disappointed that Santa had brought him a fire engine instead of a helicopter like he'd asked, much to everyone's surprise!
I've been making pinatas for the kids for a couple of years now and they really are pretty cool if you ask me. The first one I ever made was a dragon for D's wee girls' sixth birthday. I was relieved that I still had that creative bug in me and also really happy that I stretched that creative muscle in a big way. Working in 3D is a fun challenge. I think the helicopter will be fairly straightforward as I worked it out on the spot when they told me. A relief that it isn't another horse, I'll post pics soon ok! As soon as I figure out how to do it...

Another item on the soon to be done list is a set of aprons for my recently betrothed friend and her husband. I bought them a BBQ tool set for a gift and thought aprons would be perfect as a follow up gift for their bbq party they just invited us to at the end of two weeks. Do you think this is enough time to whip some up? I've never made an apron before so will be another cool challenge. I have an idea that I want to make hers very feminine, cocktail style with some ruffles and his of course more masculine, ie no frills.

I also have managed to join the Year of the Dog post card swap at My Little Mochi. So this will also be in the works. I have a couple of ideas already so just hope I can match my minds eye.

Better get back to the grind stone!

Stay tuned...


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