Friday, January 20, 2006

blog guilt

I find it interesting the guilt that I feel for not blogging everday. I wonder why this is? Does anyone else experience this?

Anyway progress report, invitations are in the process of being printed!

I was originally going to make the invitations myself but I was struggling with the wording and layout, couldn't get the right font and all things wedding invitation. So I decided that since I didn't have a whole lot of time left I would leave it up to the professionals, or at least get their advice. What a great decision!
They should hopefully be ready to send out next week. I can't believe how long I took to come up with the final choice in papers and design. Thankfully I was in a very helpful store, if there is anyone in Sydney on the North Shore who is also searching for invitation ideas then I would suggest the Paperartzi store in Turramurra.
The whole process was quite overwhelming. At several points I thought my brain was going to burst with all the decisions to make and also trying to visualise how the papers would look together and if they should have that trim or ribbon or not and what size and shape they should be...boy oh boy. I think I should have taken a wee course in paper craft before all this happened. I fell in love with one particular example and wished that I was having a spring wedding. It was that pretty and just perfectly designed.

I was really hoping to avoid all the dramas of family politics when organising the wedding guest list by keeping it small. Then D decided that he wanted to invite lots of people as we only had around 50 definite invitees. I want to keep it small as I only have a small family, Mum & Dad and Brother. That's it. I might be lucky to get my Aunt & Uncle to come over but think they won't be able to afford the flights and accomodation. So small was good for me as it meant that MD&B wouldn't feel too overwhelmed by all of D's family & relitives, believe me there are a lot of them!
So after a few months of mulling D decided that since the boat can take 70 guests we'll have 70. That means all his parents brothers and sisters and cousins from one of them on each side are being invited. It turns out that D's Dads brothers wife is a bit of trouble when it comes to things like this and D's parents think that if we invite the brother and wife she will in turn not be happy that her kids haven't been invited as she will see that there are two families with their adult kids there. Apparently she won't get that it is only one from each side that has their kids invited, the ones who D grew up with and we still hang out with.
We don't even see these troublesome people unless it is a family function like a wedding or similar so I am really thinking about not inviting them at all. I would rather avoid any trouble like that on the day and I don't think that D's parents should have to put up with it either. Please if anyone is reading this let me know what you think.
I just don't want to offend D's dad as it is his brother who isn't being invited. Perhaps I should also make the decision to not invite all of D's mum's b&s's There are a couple that I don't see ever unless a family function or similar. Oh the dilemma's.

thanks for listening.


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