Monday, March 13, 2006

Believe it or not

You won't believe that I have finally cracked out the sewing machine that D bought me for Christmas. Almost three months of restraint! I must be mad.

I can't believe that I have taken so long to take the twistie ties off the cords and plug them in.
I wound all five of the bobbins with white thread in preparation of sewing the flower girl dresses. I even managed to sew the linings up ready to fit the girls. I knew that one of them would definitely be too big. But once I held them up after stitching the few seams that were necessary I thought they were both too big. Thankfully the eldest girl's dress won't need to be adjusted too drastically, just a decent hem. I found the pattern to be a bit strange in the fact that the bustline was rather curved to accommodate a bosom, which clearly an eight and almost six year old don't have yet. So I'm going to have to flatten those out otherwise they'll be borrowing the kleenex for reasons they shouldn't.

Managed to blitz the house cleaning for once. I was on the rampage in this department all weekend keeping on at all involved to clean and tidy after themselves, aside D of course, he's way to busy to even bother listening to me.

Cooked the first roast of the season and had D's brother around for dinner which was nice for a change. I think he appreciated the change in cuisine, I don't think MrsX makes roast chicken much if at all. I made a wonderful madiera cake for dessert and ruined it with real chocolate icing on request from D's weeun. She certainly didn't mind eating my discarded icing. It tasted so much better without the added sweetness. Don't tell yarnstorm I said that though ok!

Can't believe that it is now less than three weeks until the big day. Still so much to be done and organized. Mocked up the program the other day. Not happy with the standard script font that I have on the computer here at work so will see if I can download a nice free one at home. Must sort out the music, hopefully I can do this on Friday...fingers crossed, need to order the bonboniere, sort out the transport and accommodation arrangements for my parents, have another dress fitting, hens night on Saturday, do the cake thing and a myriad of other little things that I have overlooked. Think I may have found some nice earrings though so another small thing off the list.

Winning the lotto now would just be marvellous.

Anyway better get back to the planning...


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