Sunday, March 05, 2006


Happy Mardi Gras to all Aussies out there, that along with the bridal shower were the key events of the weekend that just was.

Also today was D's godson's 4th birthday, a great event with the piece de resistance being the helicopter pinata complete with rotating rotor blades. Obviously pics to come. The kids thoroughly enjoyed bashing it with a cricket bat, how very aussie! The sweets were a big hit too. I ventured to a new source for the sweets. A place called the Candybox where they sell big bags of pinata sweets for $10. A great variety and not stingy on the amount either. I reckon I'll fill three pinatas out of two bags. I ended up spray painting the helicopter instead of the standard crepe paper tassel affair. It turned out pretty good for a last minute rush job in the two hours I had earlier in the morning. Thank heavens we had some wonderful cherry red, Datsun blue and black spray paint left overs that I was able to use. I already have an order for the next birthday coming up in May, this one is going to be six and requested a dolphin, hmmm will have to get my thinking hat on for this one...

The bridal shower was a success although a few of the people I hoped would come sent their last minute regrets. I have a feeling that some people just don't want to feel that they have to spend yet more money on the bride...I would have been happier if they turned up giftless instead of altogether not turning up. Anyway I guess that is the way you find out who cares...right?

Next on the list is the Hens I know that those who didn't come to the BS will definately come to this event. It is hot news right now...pole dancing being the main event. I will be resorting to the diet after the past weekends extravagance and indulgence...too much of the good stuff and not enough of the healthy stuff.

D is moving into his new premises next week hopefully if the containers and fences go up so things are moving along. I have the ring to collect this week and also have to sort out the cake and start sewing up the flower girl dresses. I managed to cut out the jackets and the linings for these last week and will sew them up first to test the sizing...don't want to commit to cutting the main dress fabric until these are confirmed sizes, lest I make a really big mistake in calculations...


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