Thursday, March 16, 2006

Upping the Ante

Yep hitting a higher gear over here and counting down to the big day.

Only 16 more sleeps for me and I am starting to fret a bit about all that is still to be done.
I ordered the bonboniere today so that should arrive next week, fingers crossed. The flower man was fairly helpful and I am confident that I can pull that off without too much drama, I'm sure there will be drama though. MrsX and I are going cake tasting tomorrow, should be a fun thing I think to do. Hopefully we will find the right one. I'm pretty confident we can find something that will be suitable with delivery.

I found out today that perhaps daylight savings will be extended another week due to the Commonwealth games happening at this moment. This will make it fall on the night of the wedding so perhaps after all we will be able to have a bit of leniency there. Should I call everyone and reschedule the time? I was having an issue with the celebrant regarding this, he wasn't sure if he could make it to my wedding in time...

Will sort out transport and accommodation issues with Mr&MrsX tomorrow night. The Hens is on this weekend, and I guess I should be worried but I'm not at the moment.

Need to get the groom and bestman their shirts and make sure that they have shoes and bm has suit. Have to schedule a colour sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Had another dress fitting yesterday and the earrings I found I think will go nicely being a bit quirky which is me but still very nice.

Need to have D go over the vows with me sometime between now and Monday and send those to the celebrant, book a time for a rehersal with him and still have to check out the boat...

So much to do, so little time...stay tuned


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