Tuesday, March 07, 2006

We have the ring!

Picked up my wedding ring from the jewellers today. It fits!

Not much else to write about aside from having to run everywhere today.

I was seriously in danger of missing my train and therefore missing out on the time to get to a training session scheduled so I had to run to the station. I never run to the station. But this was a matter of urgency. I had slept in also and missed out on my daily run with Milo so I guess in a way I was making up for it. I was really struggling to get there on time and just made it with a couple of minutes to spare before the train departed. I had run to the extent of feeling sick and getting the burning lung feeling. I guess it didn't help that I had eaten breakfast not moments before heading out the door...silly me. Thankfully I have a whole hour on the train to the city so I had plenty of time to recover.

Then in town I changed my shirt and tested a sample of perfume, the new Leona Edmiston one is very very nice. Am thinking of getting it for the wedding instead of the Vera Wang which is also a wonderful fragrance. Then I headed for the venue only to discover that I was heading in the wrong direction. So I turned around and headed the other way only to call my supervisor and discover that I was on the wrong street. So I headed over and began to run again as I was running out of time to get there. They had warned us that if we weren't there five minutes before the session we would have to miss out. I made it to the street that it was on only to discover that I was five blocks too far and had to back track all that time and distance running again. I wasn't very happy with that as I was not wanting to turn up all sweaty, red in the face and breathless. But I did. I was also only five minutes late and they let me in still so I was fairly relieved.

Then after I went to the jewellers to collect my wedding ring. Its beautiful by the way. After that I was taken by some lovely sparkly costume jewellery in a window and enticed by the sales lady offering me a discount for being her only customer so far that day. I think I changed her luck as I was about to purchase something a whole group of people came into the shop and took her attention from me. So I told her I would be back another day. Perhaps it was a good time for me to leave before spending money I don't have.

Spied a wonderful vanity bag in Peter Alexander's shop, he does some great PJ's, a beautiful quilted chocolate satin with burgundy roses. Very tempting. I think I'll be going back for that one...

Checked out the music store and then realised that I was going to be late for work, the third time in as many hours that I had to run somewhere. Thank heavens I'm at work now and I don't have to rush anywhere!

Stay tuned.


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