Sunday, March 19, 2006


Hens/bucks weekend have been successfully executed and now I am counting down the days, so far 13 more sleeps. I can't believe how quickly it is coming around and I really am starting to be concerned about some of the things that I need to do still.

I have another dress fitting tomorrow at 3pm so I won't be able to sew until Tuesday. Still need to see the boat sometime, perhaps on Wednesday I will be able to do this. I ordered the bonboniere last week and should be arriving this week hopefully.

D and I are completely exhausted. Unfortunately I had to come to work this evening after partying all of yesterday and last night. Had a great time whooping it up with the girls and D's sister J came all the way from Brisbane to join in the fun. I think she was attracted by the fact that we were doing Pole Dancing lessons for a fun activity, now we know some new tricks! We had a blast with the cheeky costumes that were supplied for us to wear. J had a really tarty dress on that was ripped to shreds with strategically placed pieces that weren't ripped. It really was a lot of fun and the couple of drinks we had before the lesson was a great tonic for any nerves that were rattling away in some of the girls. After that we went out to a club and danced the night away until 2:30am. A bit of an early night for us but we were pretty pooped after all the fun we had in the afternoon and early evening.

D had fun too as far a I can glean from him. He has now perfected his water skiing style and is really getting into it. I can't wait until I can have a go sometime. We may be getting a house boat for a week after the wedding so this will be nice to just relax and not worry about phones ringing or doing a thing. I may be able to catch up on my reading for once.

Took MrsX cake tasting on the weekend and have found a place that will be just right for making the cake. We went and saw the movie Tristan & Isolde also on Friday evening which was just fun and the movie is definately watch worthy. I highly reccommend it.

Better dash, stay tuned.


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