Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Sending out very belated wishes for a merry Christmas and super happy New Year to everyone who drops by.

Also a belated 1 year blog birthday, can't believe I missed that one, or that I'm still blogging, albeit sporadically.
Reasons/excuses for that being mainly wanting to post pics but having the computer away being fixed so no downloading the 600 odd pics and sifting through them. Major annoyance.

A belated "offically thirty-something" birthday for me. My parents actually forgot to call me this year. I ended up calling them and after a couple of subtle hints about "this time 30 something years ago you were pleasantly surprised/your life changed forever..." they caught on and were very sheepish about their oversight. NOW I know how all you folk whose birthday goes past without being recognised feel.

If January is anything to go by then we are in for one heck of a year of procrastination. I find this such a contradiction because I felt really calm about it all, getting back to work, resuming my daily routine, I felt like it was all just so easy.

I was still feeling in holiday mode to the extent that I forgot to wash D's clothes on the weekend so he had nothing to wear on Monday morning. And this was our second week back a work. Can you imagine!

I must resolve to break this procrastination habit. I write lists about what I need to do the next day/week/month and continually leave things until it is too late. That is just so pathetic isn't it. Striving to be organised and continually letting myself down. How do people go about being so on top of it all? Give me some suggestions please, if anyone is listening that is.

Here is a pic of a Koala in a tree that I took while I was in Gunnedah on holiday at the very end of last year. He wasn't in zoo or other kind of enclosure, just near a carpark at a lookout where we were told we may spot one. We had all but given up the idea of seeing one when I was walking over to take the last picture of the view when I happened to look up, the movement of it grabbing some leaves to munch caught my eye. I couldn't help but blurt out "Koala!" to everyone in the vicinity and proceeded to take around 50 pics. During this time he ate and settled back to go to sleep then sat up again and grumpily watched me take yet more photos of him up in the tree. Just like a nonplussed movie star I thought. NB please forgive me if it is a girl I'm not up on distinguishing between the sexes of Koalas.

Well better get going, see you tomorrow hopefully with some pics of the bears' outfits that I made for the charity kids.


Anonymous Nat said...

Hi Ness,
This is not related to this post but do you clip Poppy's wings or use a lead with her?

11:25 AM  
Blogger ness said...

Hi Nat,

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment, so exciting! I have one of Poppy's wings clipped, it is quite a controversy as to clip only one or both wings. Either way I find that she still flutters to the floor like a feathered brick. I'm waiting for her feathers to grow back to see if her wing has healed properly from its break to enable her to fly or not. If she can't fly I will leave her feathers unclipped. So far I think she will be able to fly but it is hard to tell. I don't think I have seen a "feather tether" in cockatiel size and think clipping is a bit more unobtrusive. It is fun to take her places though and she loves to sit on my shoulder in the car while I'm driving, it must be a strange sight huh!

6:17 PM  
Anonymous Nat said...

I was thrilled to find you blog and read about her riding on your shoulder while you drive and coming outside to the bbq. I have just adopted a cockatiel off a friend who was given it for Christmas and doesn't like birds. He (maybe she) is only 4mths old and still settling in with me, but I would love to train it to Poppy's level someday.

How long have you had her? Is the avian vet in Carlingford the only one in Sydney or are there others that you know of? Sorry, I'm turning your blog into a Cockatiel advice forum! I hope Poppy's wing heals ok.

9:41 PM  
Blogger ness said...

No problem Nat, I'm happy to help. I'm going to post tomorrow with more info that will help you out and get us out of this routine. If you comment here with your email address I can email you directly and just delete the comment if you wish your email address to be private. have a good day!

1:20 AM  

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