Monday, December 11, 2006

Busy little bee

I've been busy, making and creating and not posting obviously.

My furry babes are keeping me busy too and unfortunately I must admit they have been slightly neglected due to the making and creating but only in the length of walks and scratches.

I managed to make four outfits for the charity bears this year. Each year our company buys teddy bears and gives them to the willing staff to dress. They then send them to a charity who give them to the disadvantaged children for Christmas. This year I asked for four bears to dress. I thought they would have the same bears as last year but these ones are bigger this year so I had to re-design the patterns. Not too different from last year. Along the same lines although these bears have more of an ample behind to sit on. I made outfits for two girls and two boys. Each with their own bag holding token sweets, necklaces for the girls and pockets for the boys. The dresses for the girls are beaded and reversible with co-ordinating bags. I'm very happy with the results and can't wait to post the pics. We of course had a photo shoot, very amateur but still loads of fun and amazing how you can get so carried away with a digital camera. I couldn't believe that I spent half an hour snapping away and changing the outfits around. I wish I had more time to photograph them but I had to rush off to work for a review.

I also quickly whipped up a debris catcher for under Poppy's hanging play perch so there isn't that much mess to deal with, just gather up the cloth and shake it outside. I did manage to spend more time with Poppy while sewing over the past week. I decided to move her perch to the sewing room where she could watch me sew but after a while she wanted down to explore so I let her roam the floor. Yes I still had to keep an eagle eye on her as she would find that errant pin on the floor and promptly start to chew it. The cord for the foot pedal was also another great chewable but I think the cincher was the large mirror on the floor against the wall where she would go and entertain herself for some time before becoming bored with her reflection "parroting" her.

Rosie discovered Milo's grave and has started to dig at it. We've covered it with a grate to deter her while the ground hardens up after the rain but she is digging around this so I think maybe we will have to fence it off for a while. It is quite distressing for us to think that we may come home to discover her chewing something that she definitely shouldn't. Poor Milo, I wish he could RIP.

Will post some pics soon I promise, just as soon as this jolly computer is sorted at home.


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