Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Patient

Here's a pic of our very active patient, Poppy, displaying her bandaged wing.

She seems to think she doesn't have a multiple fracture to her right wing and insists on trying to get lift off when she feels like it. I must say it's one way to get my attention. It seems as though she's saying, "I want off of this perch, if you don't come and get me I'm gonna jump, ok you asked for it...one...two...ready...steady...see you were listening after all. Thanks!"

Unfortunately I must apologise for the poor quality of the image, compression sucks. In its 2mb form it is sharp and clear, but emailing and uploading require smaller file sizes so I must compress. Does any one have any tricky tips for retaining quality when reducing the file size to email or upload?

Not a lot else going on. Dreaming up wonderful Christmas inspired projects to procrastinate about.


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