Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Introducing our newest family member


Rosie - 4 months

The photo attached to the email stole my heart. I had to show D. This was the one! Well I would work on D. I called the owners to find out some more info and to see if they could send me some more recent photos...

This is the more recent photo they sent me of Rosie. Now 10 months. I was still smitten. She'd grown into her ears and looked like a good strong dog. I called the owners again to ask some more questions like why she was looking for a new home. Turns out that she loves to chase the sheep in the next farm among other things. D was smitten too with these more recent photos so I had him call to speak with her owners and he arranged to have a "trial" over the weekend. Fortunately they were visiting Sydney and could bring her with them.

Sunday at the park

I was totally surprised by how small she was. Almost a third of Milo's size. She arrived at our house with D and B late that Friday night. I couldn't believe how exuberent she was. Running around like a mad dog, playing tug and tiggy with a stick in her mouth and coming up for cuddles and checking everything out. She didn't display fear for anything and was incredibly sociable. What a godsend!

Channelling the hyena from the Lion King!

We were totally hooked to this affectionate, smart, quick puppy. What a charmer! We spent the weekend asking each other if we liked her enough to keep her, secretly hoping and knowing the other would agree. How could we not? With her personality we were all in love. She also displayed an equal love for each of us. D was cuddling her on the floor and after a while she got up and came over to me on the couch. Sharing the love around. How cool is that! D had to come and join us too so as not to feel left out. Sweet.

I discovered that she has a natural affinity to learn quickly, she picked up "fetch" in about two minutes and although she didn't know "sit" she is getting the idea. Needless to say she didn't go back with her owners and they were very happy that she had found a new family to be with. We are over the moon in love with Rosie and I'm sure I will have many more tales to tell.


Blogger hannah said...

thanks ness for your sweet comment. i love this community so much. and that newest addition to your family is pretty darn cute!

3:59 AM  
Anonymous michael said...

hi vanessa
just to let you know i had a look!
this is very good you must spend too much time here!talk later

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