Thursday, November 16, 2006

cheeky birdie

I had to take Poppy to the vet again on Monday. She had managed to work the bandage off her wing.

Last Friday I spent the afternoon with Poppy at D's workshop so that he could go out and do a job. I decided to take Poppy with me so that she could have a change of scenery. I think she really enjoyed this as I hung her mobile play gym up and let her munch on her seed stick to her hearts content. At first she was a bit freaked with all the different noises and if a bird flew past she'd stick her crest up in alarm and get all skinny. I call this her turkey pose, nothing like a turkey I'm sure but cute nonetheless.

That afternoon I started on a very ambitious project, two aprons for an engagement present due the next day. No pattern, just a head full of ideas.

The next day I had to go back to the workshop to wait for a customer while D and his brother were out on another job. So I packed up Poppy and her playthings, grabbed the sewing machine, iron, ironing board and all the other seweing bits and pieces. B had to have her ensemble of all things doll related and together we headed down. I'm so glad I went prepared with the ironing board etc, as I spent all morning there sewing away, ironing and creating. I had pretty much finished both aprons by the time it was time to leave. I just had to hem one last edge and all done.

I packed everything back into the car and headed home. Poppy sat on B's shoulder until she decided she wanted to perch on the headrest. I took her off that and put her on my shoulder where she sat for the last five minutes. While she was on my shoulder she was making some really interesting noises, like she was really having a good preen, it sounded like when a dog has a really good deep scratch, where they moan with pleasure. I was pretty sure she was itching a good itch from the sound of it but I couldn't see as she was on my shoulder while I was driving.

Anyway when I parked the car at home I noticed something down by B's leg. It was white and looked like a tissue. I knew what it was though, it was Poppy's bandage. She had managed to work it off, hence her scramble for the headrest and those ecstasy noises were her having a jolly good itch and preen of those elusive feathers, hidden from her for the past 10 days.

Cheeky birdie!

The aprons were a hit and I was really pleased with them. Of course in the rush I didn't take detailed photos, but I did manage to get the happy couple to pose in them so I shall post those pics soon. I hope!

Stay tuned...


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