Thursday, November 02, 2006

A big relief

Very happy bird mummma today,

I took Poppy to the avian vet in Carlingford, very good idea if I say so myself. They were perfect in everyway. They assessed her, I explained what I knew and then they took an x-ray of her poor wee wing.
We waited patiently and I consoled her best I could. She was super snuggly and I relished every moment.
When the x-ray had developed around 10 minutes later it took me a few seconds to realise that the jumble of bones I was digesting were infact human hands and a teeny wee bird skeleton. The fracture was an explosive break. In what would be our forearm consisting of two bones, the radius and ulna, hers were both broken. One of them was broken into three pieces. How that poor wee bird didn't die from the pain and trauma I don't know, what a trooper.
Next they told me that they would strap her with a figure of 8 bandage and I made sure that they weren't to wrap her like a feathered sausage roll. The vet assured me that when I saw it I would better understand. He also said that she may need to be anaesthetised with gas if she is stressing too much.
But true to her trooping form she came out and with a waggle of her white bandaged "elbow" she stood there poised as if to say "look at me, no gas!". I couldn't help but be so proud of her, no anaesthetic, not too much fussing and struggling. Still able to balance and move both wings without falling over. She would also still be able to groom most of herself. I was so pleased and relieved. She may fly but not perfectly. I don't mind as she's a pet and if she doesn't need her wings clipping then all the better for her.
The vet also gave me some vitamins to aid the healing process and in two weeks they'll check the wing and maybe remove the bandage.

I didn't mention this but on the way to the vet which is around a half an hour trip, she didn't want to be in the box I had to transport her in. She was squawking and carrying on and trying to climb to the top. As I didn't want her stressing too much before getting to the vet I relented and took her out of the box and set her on my shoulder. There she stayed while driving to the vet. She was quite interested in what was going on and was very quiet aside from the one or two peeps. She settled there on my shoulder really well and ended up giving herself a preen at one point. I was concious of her presence there and held my hand up for every corner, brake and accelertion I did.
She also rode home like that too. Cute as can be.

I mixed up the vitamins in her seed for her when I got home and put her in her cage. She had some seed, some water and then settled in for a nice rest. I thought she may want to come out again but no, she was quite contented after such a big day.



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