Tuesday, October 17, 2006


That's me tonight.

I've been without my gorgeous new camera for the past six weeks, gosh I don't know how I did that!

At the beginning of September I was using it and all of a sudden it didn't seem to be exposing images properly. I noticed a burning electrical smell and when that kind of twigged in my slow brain that perhaps it was coming from my camera I took a couple of shots and realised that the flash wasn't popping up.
Any way, the next day I took it straight to the camera shop in the city, an affiliate of the shop/chain I bought it from and had them send it for repair under warranty.
The shopkeeper said it should take around two weeks. I thought that was reasonable considering it was a seemingly simple repair.


I didn't hear from them after two weeks so I called to check if it had been fixed. The person on the other end said that it would more likely be four weeks. !?! I wish they had said that in the first place.

So after another couple of weeks I called since no one had called me and the person on the other end said that it would be six weeks. I was rather outraged at this stage and said that the slip of paper that I was given stated 30 days which I construed as being a month. No they replied that would be working days. For the glory of god! I restrained my ire and was as polite as possible ensuring that they would call me and checking that they had my mobile number which they did.

So this morning I received the call to say that it had been returned. Great! I picked it up from the store on my way into work. I asked the shopkeeper what the reason was and he didn't really seem to have an answer. He checked the slip of paper from the repair centre and folded it back up and gave it to me asking what was wrong. I told him again, this was the same person who took the camera from me in the first place, and he said that the whole flash assembly would probably have been replaced. Ok.

So I got to work, foolishly I didn't check that slip of paper in the store and when I had finally read it through I spotted the bit at the bottom that said, no fault found. WHAT!? I am so mad! I can't believe the camera spent six weeks in a repair facility with an obvious fault that the shop keeper had himself evidenced, only to be held for that amount of time without a repair. Of course I am completely guessing that this is true as I don't have the battery with me to test it so have to wait until tomorrow when I get home. If it is still not working they are going to wish they had given me a new camera.

I will be going to the store I purchased it from if there is still something wrong with it and complain like those irate people that you witness from time to time.

Where is the customer service!!!???


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