Wednesday, September 06, 2006

RIP Croc Hunter

Not sure if you are aware at all that the all Australian Steve Irwin aka "The Croc Hunter" was tragically killed a couple of days ago. Australia is still reeling.

Here is the link from the SMH here in Australia. Quite a bizarre event by all accounts and all I can say is that he is lucky to go in such a way, not being weird or anything but wouldn't you rather go in a way that was quick whilst doing what you love best. Unfortunately I don't think anyone will be capable of filling his larger than life blundy's* and I can't think of all the amazing documentaries we are now missing out on. Of course my heart goes out to his family and the wee ones, thankfully they are lucky that there is so much documented footage of him doing what he loves.

On a bit more of an amusing angle, I heard of a faux pas someone emailed to everyone on their list while commenting on how much this news had affected them, they wrote "RIP Croc Hunter" but missed out the all important r in croc. I hope in writing this no one takes offence in my making light of a tragic situation.


Hopefully I'll have time to post a couple of pics tomorrow, am rather busy this week organising an afternoon tea for the ladies whom I have worked with over the past few years, they are great friends still even though they have moved on to broader horizons. Of course I am planning a buffet for 50 when in reality there will only be four of us. Several items will be struck off the list as the countdown ensues but this is normal for me. Always with such grand expectations.

Till then,

* Blundstone's / boots


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