Friday, September 01, 2006

Ok so I didn't make it

25 minutes too late. Never mind.

I got the idea from Subversive Stitching, if you haven't checked them out go now. I did the symbols one for my brother for his birthday, I think he'll appreciate it.

The birds and motifs came from a library book that I found which had basic b&w patterns from early 19th/20th century pieces. I found the animals amusing and thought the addition of the question marks kind of summed up the phrase. There are several parts that are inaccurate and really says that I should have planned it a bit better but working on a time constraint I had to cut corners and make it work as I went. The border is very last minute and the spacing of the whole thing needs a bit more consideration. I made up the flowers and the leaves on the left of the border. I also improvised some of the birds to make them a bit different from one another. But on the whole I am relatively happy with the result. I know dad will appreciate it, thank heavens for fathers.

Better skedadle


Blogger Spindle said...

Sweet. Hope you like the book. Cheers, Fran.

3:03 PM  

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