Thursday, September 14, 2006

change of tack?

Well I've just been inspired yet again to do something diffent.

As far as studying something next year I just found a course that would probably be better for me. Well the fine arts degree is still so exciting to consider but I think realistically I might be better off doing a graphic design course. I found a good one in Sydney where I can do it either part time over a year or full time over three months. The decision to make is which time period and whether to keep my job, if I can...

Ok so this is really more like me, dilemma dilemma.

I'd definitely love to do the fine arts and major in photography but that would take four years. I could do the graphic design course over a year and still keep my night job, I think, if I can get someone to cover me for four hours on two nights. I would be qualified and marketable and back to earning good money in the very near future. I could also probably manage to conceive next year and not have it interfere too much with my immediate plans. If I could manage to complete the graphic design course and then have a baby I could freelance and still earn my keep. I could even possibly do that while working with hubby which he wants me to do very soon.

The only minus is the course is $11k but money I think well spent in the long term.

Am I procrastinating or making my life more difficult or being pragmatic?


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