Friday, September 01, 2006

3 for August?

Hope I made it...sometimes being a poster in Oz has its benefits.

Here is the completed, I think, cross-stitch for my dad for father's day. Unfortunately he will be getting it late as he is in NZ and I'm in Oz and I haven't posted it and father's day is on Sunday...I don't think I have ever sent a gift on time, one day though, I'm sure I will get it right.

Please disregard the fact that it looks out of shape, it is a bit since it came straight off the hoop and I don't have an iron at work. I think it's completed but I am a bit undecided on the top border, it seems a bit far away so I may just add another row of stitches beneath it. let me know if you see this today or it will be too late tomorrow.

Shall be on my best blogging behaviour for September, I have pics to show off and other things in the works.


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