Monday, August 21, 2006

It's been a while...

Since my last confession, I mean post...(I wish I knew how to strike out words, hints? )

Well I have been quite preoccupied thinking and lurking.
I've decided that I'm going to apply for art school next year so I have been mad about researching the particular school and all associated things. It sure can take up a lot of time. Thank heavens I sometimes have a bit of that spare here at work. I have to put a portfolio together that will demonstrate how good I am, um considering I haven't really done much over the past few years aside take a whole lot of photographs and made some crafty things I think I am a bit rusty in the drawing department so I am adding that on my daily to do list, practise drawing. Hopefully I shall have a couple of choice pictures to throw in. The school that I am applying to is big on fine arts and drawing is their fundamental skill so I think this is a big area that I will need to show I can accomplish without too much drama. If I make it to the interview there is a one hour still-life drawing test that I'll have to do along with presenting the portfolio. Practice is in order. Also timed practice. I'm going to see if I can join a life drawing class that is held on Tuesday's which I think will be good as I really enjoyed this subject in High School.

Can you believe that even though I am completely psyched about this decision I have managed to procrastinate for the past 10 days and only picked up a pencil to try out my rusty hand tonight?! Absolute procrastinator. How scared can I be? This is just ridiculous, I must be terrified of failing so much that I'm going to sabotage my plan before I even make it to the submission stage, I really do have to be strong and forceful with my-other-self and kick me in the pants every single day. I managed to do a sketch of an orchid flower and to be honest I don't think it came out too bad...

I'm going to be brave and post it so I'm open to any constructive criticism, please feel free to give me any advice. But I don't think I will be too happy to hear the don't do it that some may feel compelled to scream out. OK

I'm a bit sensitive and also please consider the fact that I had to draw under the overhead fluorescent lights which are the horriblest (sp?) kind known to man. Dreadful for modelling any kind of subject under. Oh and also the fact that I didn't grey scale the image when I scanned it. I'm being lazy, in hindsight I really should have done that but it's done now and I want to get this posted.

So please wish me luck for the next couple of months while I toil away at my newest path and also to add preassure to this whole new angle I'm going to be gearing up for summer and lose a few of those sneaking kilos that crept on over winter. Cheeky wee devils. I can totally notice it when I take Milo for his daily walk/run, which I really don't like, the extra wobbles that is. How cliche am I? the proverbial loose for the wedding only to put it back on. I really need to go and flay myself now.



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