Tuesday, August 29, 2006

2 for August

Yes this makes it two posts for August.

A bit of a let down if I say so myself. I guess I've just had a dose of the mid year blues and that has been quite evident in the frequency of posting. Fear not though dear reader. I have been busy crafting, cross-stitching for father's day which is looming here in the southern outposts of the Commonwealth.

I shall post a pic of the result hopefully tomorrow so that may just make it three for August.

Aside from this not a heck of a lot is going on. I have stalled a wee bit on the sketching front but am determined to do more, I have a fabulous pumpkin at home just begging to be drawn, painted and photographed. The poor unsuspecting muse doesn't know it yet but after being creatively recorded I'm going to chop it up and roast it for the last of my winter soups.

Spring is certainly here, the magnolia trees around our neighbourhood are setting in their newest leaves and shedding their blooms. My tardy specimen in the shadow of a scraggy gum is finally adorned with the deepest plummy tulip flowers and the jasmine has started burst from a cloud of purple buds. Oh how exciting it is to have warmer days! the thought of crisp salads and sweet summer fruits is so inspiring to ease me out of the fur lined rut I'm in.

All the best to those in the North venturing towards chilly evenings and warm soups. How I have longed for your climate these past few months!


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