Sunday, July 16, 2006

You led I followed

Yes I suppose that is just what I did.

I had a film processed the other day and it reminded me of this so thought I would share it as proof that I do indeed make things...

Inspired once again by all those wonderful crafty gals out there I decided last Christmas that I would make my MIL-MrsX a knitting tote for all her books, balls and needles. I'd taken note that she didn't have anything of the sort, resorting to plastic grocery bags to contain her knitting paraphernalia so as far as I was concerned this would not do.

I thought about it and came up with some ideas and then finally took the plunge and put it together. I knew that she likes blues and greens and I had picked up some curtaining material in the remenant bin which I thought would be best. Note please forgive the daggy frieze on the wall in the background and the impromptu "table" on which the tote is displayed, I was in a rush to finish and wrap for the big day I decided that it had to be large and open generously with a pocket to hold her books and patterns. It had to hold many balls of wool and also be a bit different to a standard boxy tote. I decided the pocket that I thought I would add to the outside of the bag should go inside in the centre of the bag and zip up, dividing the bag into two parts. I love zip pockets because they stop things from falling out and mysteriously disappearing. Along the way I also decided that I had time to have a go at making a matching needle roll, but I didn't photograph it, unfortunately. I didn't want the bag to be too blue and green so I lined the inside with another colour that in some ways links with the main fabric, maybe not as complimentary as I am inclined to think...
I had a few hitches along the way naturally, it is rare that these things go without setbacks of course. In the end I was fairly pleased with the outcome, the only bad point being that it wilted rather badly. I used the stiffest interfacing I could find but when it is used only with curtain material I found that it still flopped. I think I should have used light card in the sides or as some of those wonderfully creative "bag" ladies (those who make them that is!) use fleece as an interfacing for more support.
Needless to say MrsX was thrilled to receive such a thoughtful handmade gift for Christmas and noted to me that she had never had such items to help her contain and cart her knitting things around. So one gold star for me and another lesson learned.

I noticed it out and being used last weekend which made me happy to see it in use after six months and no mention to me about any of its shortcomings so this is good. Mind you MrsX is such a wonderfully polite lady I don't think she would even entertain such thoughts.

Stay tuned more tomorrow


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