Monday, July 24, 2006

hot off the press

Well almost, I finally sat down today and figured out how to upload my images from my camera to the computer. Quite a nerveracking time as I was concerned that I wasn't reading the instructions properly and the fact that I had to look in three places to complete the task I was worried that I would mess up the card or camera or something and then what would I all turned out fine, so far. I had managed to rack up 175 pics in the three outings I'd snapped away at and still had around 350 left on the card. I'm sure when I don't use the fully automatic features that capacity will decrease.

So here is one of the first pics from my new camera. Apologies for the crap resolution but I had to email it to work as I ran out of time to post at home. I had to compress it quite a bit in order to send it otherwise the email wouldn't go, all these troublesome technicalities...resulting in a very average picture. It is amazing the quality of the image when it isn't compressed but it was around 2mb when I first tried to email it! I think blogger would have choked on that.

It's a starfish that D found on the rocks when we went fishing the weekend before last. He threw it at me and I rescued it from the seagulls and put it in a rockpool to better observe it. I thought it was rather unusual having more than the classic five "legs" and it was quite rough almost rubbery on the top. Underneath it was all tentacles and pale. It is amazing how fast they can move, upon landing in the rockpool it rather quickly unfurled its legs and made its way to a shadier part of the pool. I put it back in the ocean when we left as I thought it was a bit too exposed to predators in the little rockpool.

more fun to come...


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