Thursday, July 06, 2006

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Yeah right, the memories sweeten or weaken depending on what the absence is.

Any way I had a wee break, as if anyone noticed, but I've been a lurking and checking out some great food blogs. Noting in particular Delicious!Delicious!and Chocolate&Zucchini. Unfortunately D!D! is currently having an extended break and I am not the only one itching for her to get back. I did have fun reading her blog from beginning to end though.

I found it quite inspirational reading these blogs and even tried out some of the recipes on D. He was a grateful guinnea pig and as he has the flu at the moment and very miserable I decided to try out D!D!'s lemony chicken soup. I loved it and I think D did too but I think his flu-retarded senses highlighted the lemon or else mine have a peculiar ability to suppress it. I thought it was fantastic but D thought it too lemony. I thought he'd like that since he loves chicken sandwiches with lemon juice squeezed over them. Oh well I tried right!

D and I celebrated our 5 year since-we-met / 3 month-since-we-married anniversary over the past weekend. We managed to score a great hotel room at the Sir Stanford in Double Bay for $140/night, booking an hour before we checked in using Wotif. It was also an excuse to catch up with his cousins, one who just turned almost 30! We had a great night out and the pillows in the hotel were fabulous. D's flu is the result of overindulging.

Today I caught up with our wedding photographer, Michael Zanetti, who is just wonderful. Being the self concious person that I am and most brides are, I was a bit nervous about seeing these proofs of being a "beautiful" bride. My held breath was released with relief when I finally viewed the proof photos that he brought along. He did a wonderful job in such spontaneous and unconventional circumstances. The only reason it took so long for us to get these pics back was because we were still trying to find the money to pay for it. Even though in my opinion he is very reasonable, we still had to wait until we'd sold our boat to pay the extortionate tax bill D had received before contacting him.

So here is a gratuitous wedding photo of us to satisfy reader curiosity...

BTW I'm not really that tall! You just have to love the illusion though!


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what a gorgeous photo!! i hope you share more eventually. :)

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