Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Weekend fun

Yes mission accomplished. The curtains are done and hanging and keeping the precious heater heat in the room instead of being sucked out into the cold. It truly is amazing the difference it makes with them up and useful. I do have another set of curtains to complete but they are not so desperately needed, for the moment.

We had a wonderful long weekend even though I did have to come to work for a few hours. I was glad that I pushed myself to finish the curtains on the day I had to work as it meant that I was free for the next day to spend with D and the family.
We went to a great reserve called Crosslands which is near Hornsby. We took our bikes and had fun riding around with the kids. A couple of roast chooks for lunch with rolls and coleslaw, then a spot of cricket before back on the bikes to wear ourselves out.
Unfortunately that reserve is in a gully so the sun disappeared after two-ish and we soon packed up and headed to another park/playground near Rouse Hill. This was was more of a playground with some great equipment. There was one in particular that was borderline amusement park ride. The only thing missing was a ticket box and operator.
I must say how well behaved everyone was while waiting their turn. The ride was a cross between a round-a-bout and a see-saw. It was on an angle and you sat in a seat at either end of a long arm. There were pedals which you used to make yourself go around and also if you back pedalled it would make it brake and slow down. I had a go with B and managed to get it going pretty fast, I think it would be easier if both people pedalled and B wasn't so we didn't go as fast as we could've. But what fun!!! for free!
There were also twirly poles that were bent so when they went around they looked like a dough hook or screw type thingo and they could spin really fast too. Also a couple of curves with skateboard type platforms which you stand on and hold onto a bar and swish left and right and they were pretty slick moving. I didn't hold on properly at the end and almost came of worse for wear. Really fun watching the kids explore and play working out how things worked and interpreting them differently from others. I really must hand it to the concept artists who come up with the twists on standard playground equipment.

Well I'm going to leave you with a parting shot of a wonderful sunset we had while on our houseboat honeymoon a couple of months ago...


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