Thursday, June 08, 2006


How cute are they! These are B's new mice, Ginger and Tiger. I suggested Ginger & Gilligan instead of Tiger but she's adamant when it comes to naming things. Another suggestion of mine was Hunca & Munca from Beatrix Potter's book, A Tale of Two Bad Mice, but these mice are good, so far. I can't believe that they have bonded so well already. They came from separate cages at the pet shop, both girls to avoid any mass reproduction of course. They are very cuddly and don't have a fit if one is crawling all over the other.

Long weekend this weekend to celebrate Queenie's birthday for us here in the Southern Hemisphere. I unfortunately have to work Sunday though so you may get another post from me then. I have a cat photo that I took that I am meaning to post as I'm really quite pleased with it so maybe I'll get around to putting that up then.

Am planning on getting on with the curtains that I started last year and never finished. They are for the two big double doorways to the lounge area to try and keep some heat in this winter. This will be a big UFO out of the way so very excited about doing this at the moment. Will see if I can be this motivated over the next few days huh!

Better get back to it. Stay tuned!


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oh they are cute!

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