Tuesday, May 16, 2006

tails to tell

The tail is on the dolphin! I even managed to semi-attach the flippers too but I think they are in the wrong position so thankfully I will still be able to move them. All on track for a Saturday finish. It is times like these that I am sure I would be more popular having pics to post of my progress but for now you will all have to imagine what I am doing.

Does anyone suffer from dogsbodysyndrome? I do. Unfortunately I think it is indemic to my position here at work.
People take advantage of the fact that I do night shift and therefore they tend to be of the mind that I don't do anything. I'm actually very busy tonight with jobs and on top of this I had a secretary ask me to do something for her. I wasn't planning on doing it but their manager also asked me to do this so I had to. It was a very simple job. Just pack some documents into boxes, no catalogging required. It took 30 minutes max and little stress aside the one where I mutter to myself that this is not in my job description and I am too old to be doing this sort of stuff and why can't the secretary just take half an hour out of her "very busy" schedule answering phones and do it her self.
I guess some reasons why they ask me, is because I don't wear expensive suits and outfits because of the nature of my job, they know I'll do it, I don't have anyone to pass their job on to, although I did have some help which I must say was most appreciated. It pays to be nice to others doesn't it! I just wish they would hire an office junior. Oh the funny things pride does to secretaries, their sense of jobs beneath them...also what amuses me is their frenetic pace they demostrate infront of others and especially when they are passing a job on, everything is in such a rush they have to pass their jobs onto other people lest they have to que for a coffee ormiss their bus even though there is another coming in ten minutes after it. And the worst bit is that I can't ask them to do anything for me as a favour returned.

Ok, a big sorry to any PA's out there in craftblogland. I just had to vent a bit at what I think is the injustice of it all. I can tell they don't want to do it and that they are asking me not because they don't have time, which is what they tell me, but because it is an undesireable task. OMG! I think when it is time for me to leave here I'll just say no and see what they do. he he

On other news, nothing much to report I'm afraid, still no sign of the pin cushion.


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