Monday, May 22, 2006


The pinata was a success. In total it took 11 or 12 active days. I didn't manage to finish it on Friday afterall. But spent the best part of Saturday finishing off the fringing. I was very happy with the end result and will be posting pics very soon. So stay tuned! The kids each managed to go through four rounds of beating it with a stick so they got value out of it too. I must start making the pinata's not so tough as it was the cord that ripped through the top that was its failing. The adult had to rip it to get the sweets out to a gang of rioting kids who quickly fell silent as the sweets spread on the ground. Very amusing.

Also on Friday night I found the awol pincusion so I shall be posting pics of this soon too. Just to prove that I am a crafty wee thing after all. I was most pleased by this discovery and of all places I didn't look was behind the TV, go figure! How the heck it got there I don't remember but it must have been on the shelves and been knocked off hiding behind the tv and shelves. It was only my moving the tv closer to me that I found it so I was very relieved!

Not much else to report but will be thinking of getting my act together and doing some home improvements that have been put off, like adding the second layer of paint to the bathroom walls. Painting the drawers that have been sitting waiting for the past year or two. Yes more procrastinated projects waiting in the wings. Surprised? I would think not!

Well have a great week~I know I am!


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