Wednesday, May 03, 2006

pocket money

A post or two ago I mentioned that I had earned some pocket money detailing a boat, I just had to elaborate on this for a few reasons as you will find out...

Detailing a boat is sort of like valeting a car except it is on water. D had the opportunity to earn some money by doing this for the owner of the boat.

I was of course roped into the job to clean the interior and thankfully D had done a whole lot of cleaning before I got there. It was a smallish trailerable boat with a half cabin with the seats converting to a bed and in the upper bracket of plush. Leather upholstery, all the surplus trimmings and a full enclosed canopy. The guy obviously had some money but he didn't know how to keep anything clean.

I was quite surprised at how unclean everything was. There was a layer of dust and grit and saltspray over every surface and things were left where they lay. It took me about an hour to clean the console alone, all those instruments and knobs and dials are very awkward to get perfectly clean especially when I didn't have a toothbrush to use, those things are indispensible cleaning tools!

At the back of the boat either side of the motor well there were two built in "eskies" (chilly bins/ coolers) . When I opened the hatches they were chock-a-block full of various bottles. Most of them had their caps still on, albeit rusted through, with some murky looking contents. From the design of the label on some of these they had been in there quite some time. There were whole six packs still in their plastic unopened full of beer with rusted caps. Of the ones that were loose and still full with their contents, if I grabbed them by their tops the caps would just crumble and leak all over the place. I was completely astounded. How anyone can be so wasteful of things is beyond me when there are people like us scraping together what we can. Well I suppose there is a downfall to having too much money. Never having to clean your own boat!

I was pretty impressed how clean I was able to make it after all the abuse the poor boat had been through, of course it could have been a heck of a lot worse. They could have consumed all that grog and then left the mess to be cleaned.

Anyways I still am unable to locate the pincushion, so I guess it has gone to the bermuda triangle heavens...

stay tuned


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