Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Well I'm afraid I can't find the pin cushion I was talking about last post. It is most perplexing to not be able to find what you have secreted away somewhere.

I'm so frustrated at not being able to locate its whereabouts. Does anyone else suffer these moments?

The last I can remember was moving it from the coffee table where a glass of wine had just been spilt by D's daughter. I remember taking it into the kitchen but after that I draw a blank. Several times since I have thought I remembered where I had hidden it but when I check there is nothing but the usual items. I do now have an idea where I put it but I don't think it is there now that I think again. It's like someone is playing a trick on me, moving things about and tormenting me but I have a feeling that this is not so.

The only up is that in searching for the pincushion I may turn up the mini plastic shot glasses I was hunting for around six weeks ago after hiding them. They too have mysteriously disappeared. So far I haven't located them either. The worst part is that I hunt and hunt and hunt and search and search and search and nothing. Everything else is where it should be. Where oh where do these things go? What do I do with them???

Does anyone reading this blog, if anyone does, have any experiences of the like?

Hmmmn will check again tomorrow and update...

Stay tuned


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