Wednesday, May 17, 2006

flippin great

Pinata update

Well the flippers and dorsal fin are attached. I had a go at the nose/snout but it seems too pointy. I think I'll have to pad out the lower jaw part where it meets the head. I think this is because it resembles a baguette stuck to a giant comma. It could pass for an Orca sans nose. But I'm really happy with the progress of this "sculpture" (I guess this is what I should really call them) I'm still in decisions over whether the mouth should be open or closed. I'm leaning towards closed for the obvious reason that it will be quicker and easier. The thought of making all those tiny teeth is just not feesible at the moment.

About this time I was kind of wishing I was digitally up to date with camera equipment but then that would reveal my very alternative supporting contraptions that I use when making these things. The first ever pinata I made I used a large colander as a stand and then when it was larger the drying rack we have for our washing. This time I have incorporated the washing basket and a very odd rigging of old panyhose and rope (our indoor washing line) holding the dolphin off the ground and, yes you're right I don't throw much out, tights/stockings/pantyhose are so useful for many things! I must also thank the heavens that we have an older house built in the 1950's (have to put the 19 nowdays don't I!) and the front part of the house is an old verandah covered in with a lino floor, perfect for my messy creations.

I think the biggest thrill I get out of making these elaborate pinata's is the achievement in turning a free local paper, a balloon or two, a bag of cheap flour and some water into a three dimensional object. And they are, if I may say so myself, pretty darn good!

I'm pleased that I am possibly almost a day ahead of myself at the moment and am looking to Friday as the decorating/fringing day. Usually I am up late the night before the party madly gluing the fringing and adding the finishing touches. Oh the helicopter I made last month was down to the hour, painting the entire thing right up until leaving for the party! That was cutting it fine and I did have to forego the minor detail of painting in the boys age and initials as the 'copters id. What they didn't know didn't hurt them right!

The weather was beautiful today, the greens are greener for a change after our bout of rain the other day which is just lovely contrasting with the yellow/red/orange autumn/fall foliage.

Well back to work, stay tuned.


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