Sunday, April 30, 2006

crafty doings

Well you will all be pleased with my recent creation but I have lost it so I can't take a photo of it yet and post it but I shall tell you all about it instead.

Mothers day is looming around the corner and amongst the pinata making I am a touch ahead of myself and thought that I may make some mothers day gifts for the mums in my life that mean the most to me.

On Friday night I decided to have a go at something that has been on my mind for sometime, a pincusion. Of course those of you who are well ahead of me here will realise that I have gleaned inspiration from your wonderful blogs. So thank you very much for all of your inspiring creations. I hope I have come up with something truly original for the life of me as I would hate to be labelled a thief or plagarist!

I thought a bit outside the square and made a mushroom or toadstool I guess would be more specific but I will be following it up with a mushroom. it has a typical red cap with white spots, pink gills and a white stalk. I'm considering adding some type of grass around the bottom but am still nutting it out, when I locate it again I'll decide I'm sure.

Well the pinata is finally at the started stage and will be rapidly progressing, I hope, over the next two weeks. I think it will have to be done for the weekend after next so not much time but enough. just.

better get back to the grindstone that is work and will keep you up to date of course!

stay tuned


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