Thursday, April 20, 2006


Yes well I am now officially off the market as one collegue put it. I'm married! Yay!!

I can't believe what a whirlwind the last week before the wedding was and there are so many things that didn't get done but we had a wonderful day aside all the things that went wrong, and the list is pretty impressive!

I'll just fill you in on a couple of major ones.

The first is the biggie, my mother ate to top off the cake before we even had a chance to cut it! It might sound really horrendous but it wasn't too bad. I had a profiterole cake, croquembouche, and as a topper I had a crown of sugared almonds. My mum spied the cake not long after the ceremony and asked if she could have some to which the obvious reply was not until after we cut it. A couple of hours later I caught mum red handed stuffing the almonds into her mouth. The obvious tirade of "what are you doing's?!?!" ensued and after a moment I stopped and did the whole, calm down ness, thing. It wasn't that bad but I did have to point out in the speeches afterwards what had happened.

I find it really amazing how many people didn't notice something like that had happened.

I wanted the ceremony to happen in the upper garden at the site. My husband to be on arriving decided that it was much nicer down by the water so moved the guests down there. A few minutes before I arrived a really gusty wind blew up and htb decided that we should get married on the boat. So I was delayed yet more with this shuffling around of guests and was around half an hour late. I was champing at the bit and really just wanted to marry where we originally intended but again this was out of my power and after the initial tirade of "but I wanted to get married in the garden, not on the boat!!!" I calmed down and just accepted what was going to happen.

As it was it was really amusing to see the flower girls walking down the jetty throwing their petals only to have the wind whisk them away into the water before touching the ground. I was in hysterics watching this and thankful for this as otherwise I would have been a mess of nerves.

Pleased to say that I didn't cry at all during the ceremony, it wasn't until the speeches that I lost it because I just love his family so much and am very greatful that I am part of their family for real now.

Well enough mush better get on with my life now that I have some time to craft again. I think next on the cards will be a hat for my beloved brother.

I must say that I'm happy to be back blogging and can't wait to get on with it so stay tuned!!


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