Tuesday, February 14, 2006

We have shoes!

Yes I finally found some suitable shoes for my wedding day.

After dragging D's wee girl around a four level mall for three and a half hours on Saturday all for naught I found a good pair of shoes. I had spied them earlier last week and after the ordeal on the weekend I decided that I should go and try them on. I think they will fit the bill nicely. They didn't cost more than a hundred dollars which is well within budget. I also didn't realise until I got home that the swing tag attached explained that the diamantes on them were in fact swarovski crystal diamontes so I'm super happy about that touch!

D's wee girl did find the perfect pair of shoes for herself on Saturday so all that traipsing wasn't really for nothing. She's very excited about wearing some "heels" to the wedding. Very grownup!

The most trouble I'm having at the moment is with my bridesmaid (BM). She's the only one and is a bit of a "me" person. I think she doesn't really understand what she should be doing and I've tried to be nice and given her some gentle pointers but have ended up organising the bridal shower myself with the help of D's SIL, thank heavens for her! I've had some interesting conversations with BM, the first when we went looking for a dress for her to wear. She tried on a great dress but it was plunging down to her bellybutton and she was wrapped with how it looked and I had to tell her how good it looked on her but I thought it was a bit too sexy for a bridesmaid to wear, very inappropriate. She had to agree with me on that one. The dress that I really thought was appropriate and complementary to my own dress was quite perfect but she had it on and told me that if I wanted her to wear it I would have to pay for it myself. I said that she wouldn't be wearing it then. While I was shoe shopping she called me and said she'd found another dress that was great. I asked her what it looked like and she said fushia, which is not the colour I was hoping for. So she said she'd send me a pic which I haven't received yet and that she was going to buy it anyway and have it altered. There was no way I was able to see this dress and I asked her if she could return it if it wasn't any good, which was a no as it was from a "vintage" shop. I told her that if I didn't like it she would have to buy something else and she agreed. thank heavens. The other day I got a phone call from her and she said that she may not be able to make the bridal shower. say what?! I couldn't believe it. What is she on?? Anyway I said that she should really try to make it and if she is working then perhaps she could ask for an early finish time in order to get to the shower on time. It's at 2:30pm so I can't see why she won't be able to make it. This means that I'll be organising the whole thing and she's not contributing much at all. Very disappointing.

What would you do? anyone out there? I would appreciate some advice if anyone is reading. Sorry about the long posts btw. I have quite a lot going on at the moment.

Stay tuned. I'm cutting the flower girl dresses out!!! Progress!


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