Monday, February 20, 2006


Yes I'm slack, I can't believe I have almost let this lapse for a week. I can't believe it.

I am busy at the moment with work which doesn't help but also trying to organise my own bridal shower too doesn't make it any easier to find the time to blog and do that.

I spoke to BM tonight and after asking her to contact the SIL who is generously having the shower at her house BM tells me to stop stressing out. This did not make my temper any less and I was holding back a myriad of emotions which I didn't think should be let out then on the phone. I can't believe she can't picture herself in my shoes. I can appreciate her working long hours but I'm only asking her to be the friend she is supposed to be and organise the shower.

OK enough b*tching

Am sourcing party food for the shower and am having a dress fitting on Thursday next week. How exciting, I'm relieved that I have the shoes for it! The only problem I will have is the really unsightly tan lines I developed over the weekend.

We went to the lake to go celebrate D's best buds birthday. I had D plaster my alabaster with suncream 30+ and by the time 3pm rolled around I had a really bad sunburn on my chest with the worst tan lines in history. I don't know how I'm going to get rid of these and only have six weeks to fix them up with some creative tanning.
D's mates family is into water skiing and I've never done that before but really was looking forward to a turn. I didn't end up having a go but D did and he got up first try. I think it was a real comparisson to his last attempt where he ended up being dragged behind the boat hanging on for dear life bouncing on his rear and all that dwells there. Poor thing, he took the advice to don't let go a little to literally! But a whole lot wiser this time he managed to pop himself right up there out of the water and zoomed around for a couple of laps. I was so excited for him, it must have been such a thrill. Now he wants to go and buy all the gear and take it up for a passtime. I think it beats fishing for now as there isn't a great deal of fish to be caught due to drastic over fishing of the area. I did manage to have a go on the big tube that was being towed around behind the boat, the driver trying his darndest to flip us off. My shoulder ended up giving in before my vice like grip did and that was the reason I didn't get to go skiing. Next time. right?

Dress cutting soon. Promise!


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